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August 10, 2006

A Solo Journey from Argentina to Alaska

Santiago Yanez is a brave, and hearty, soul.

He's also a cyclist. ;-D

One day, when I lived in Argentina, I decided to go for a bike ride. I ended up in Alaska, almost two years later. What it started as a fun thing to do and a physical challenge ended up changing me and my world view forever. On my 16-month long solo bicycle trip, I crossed fourteen countries and covered 23,000 kilometers (almost 15 thousand miles). I scaled the biggest summits in The Andes, biked through unknown parts of South America, became a godfather to a new-born boy in Peru, climbed beautiful but very active volcanoes in Ecuador, was almost taken hostage by Colombian guerrillas, and ran out of water in the US desert, among many other things. Here's what I learned and lived during my journey.

I am not Che Guevara’s reincarnation, but some people I met during my 18-month solo bicycle trip from South America to Alaska insisted on calling me “Che.” It might be because I am Argentinean, an adventurer by nature and a dreamer at heart. It can also be because this trip changed my life and my worldview forever.

Sit back, relax, and spend some quality time reading this long, and remarkable, story:

I BIKED FROM MENDOZA TO ALASKA: The Story of My 15 Thousand Mile Solo Trip.

From this website: ORATO: True Stories from Real People.

A special Thanks to Cecilia, an Assistant Editor at Orato, for the heads-up! :-D

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