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August 18, 2006

Bike Friendly Mass Transit: California

AVTA (Antelope Valley-Lancaster, Palmdale)

BART (San Francisco Region)

Big Blue Bus (Santa Monica)

CCCTA (Central Costa Co.)

Culver City Bus (LA Co.)

Foothill Transit (LA Co.)

GET (Bakersfield)

Humboldt Transit Authority (Redwood, Eureka Region)

Mendocino Transit Authority (Mendocino Co.)

METRO (Santa Cruz Co.)

Metrolink Trains (Southern Ca.)

Modesto Area Express (Modesto Area)

MST (Greater Monterey, Salinas Area)

MTA (LA Co.)

OCTA (Orange Co.)

OMNITRANS (San Bernardino Co.)

RABA (Redding Area)

RT (Sacramento Region)

RTA (Riverside Co.)

samTrans (San Mateo Co.)

San Diego Transit (SanDiego Co.)

San Luis Obispo Co. Regional Transit Systems

Santa Clarita Transit

SCT (Sonoma Co.)

SMART (Stockton Area, San Joaquin Co.)

StaRT (Stanislaus Co.)

Tri Delta Transit (Eastern Contra Costa Co.)

VTA (Santa Clara Valley Region)

YARTS (Yosemite National Park Region-Mariposa, Merced, and Mono Co.)

Yolobus (Yolo Co.)


SoCal Transit Trip Planner

Send me an e-mail if you are aware of other agencies, and I will add the link to the list.

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What would you say is the most bike friendly city on the California coast, as well as good mass transit

Posted by: Ddon Kneifl | Jun 29, 2008 12:00:07 PM

Hey there!

Welcome to the Dude!

As to your question...

I don't really have an answer as I've never been north of Malibu, or explored the coast south of Oceanside. ;-D

Of course, the Comments are always open to the opinions of those who have. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril The Cycling Dude | Jun 29, 2008 6:26:35 PM

I recommend Omnitrans. They never let me down yet. :)

Posted by: W2C | Mar 25, 2020 2:30:29 AM

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