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August 08, 2006

Improving Cycling Around a University in Hawaii

UH- Manoa Now:

Currently, there are no bike paths on campus, but bicyclists like graduate student Jim Ma say it is relatively easy and convenient to ride a bike.

A plan for the future:

UH-Manoa's Campus Master Bike Plan calls for:

1. A central bicycle hub to be built where the Engineering Quad parking lot now sits.

2. The construction of nine satellite bicycle hubs, which will have well-lit bicycle parking monitored by security cameras.

3. Bike paths throughout campus, including East-West Center Road and Maile Way, which will require the elimination of some parking spaces; other bike paths include Correa Mall, McCarthy Mall and the Legacy Path between Dole Street and Maile Way.

4. Bikeways on Lower Campus Road to Dole Street and along a proposed road between St. Francis School and UH to Woodlawn Avenue.

5. Changing UH policies and signs, which prohibit bicycle riding along major pedestrian walkways.

Unless you live in the area, attend, or attended the institution, or visited the region you will understand the import of little of the above, but it is a big deal for the locals, and students.

Here's a bit of how a Honolulu Newspaper is covering the story:

The plan looks at ways to reduce an estimated 10,000 cars that will return to campus once school starts on Aug. 21.

It calls for the construction of a network of "bicycle hubs" and bike paths around campus, including the construction of a central bicycle hub next to the campus center with covered parking monitored by video cameras and security guards. Locker and shower facilities are included so people can change after biking to campus.

The plan also calls for eliminating 137 parking spaces along Maile Way and East-West Road to make room for bike lanes....

The plan also takes into account some objections by asking that the restriping take place after a new parking lot is built on campus to replace the lost spaces.

It also asks that the administration change the current rules and signs, commonly ignored, that prohibit bike riding on most university walkways.

"We definitely need to work on it to make it more rider friendly and safe," said Linda Day, the communications coordinator with UH-Manoa's Office of Sustainability....

Some projects could be accomplished within a year if there is enough support for them, Hebshi said.

Other parts of the plan will require money from the Legislature.

"We need a lot of political support and students and staff and community members saying this is really important," Hebshi said.

The Full Story:

HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN ( 8/6 ) -- UH-Manoa reaches out to bicyclists: University plans call for a network of on-campus bike paths and hubs by Craig Gima.

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