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October 14, 2006

Big, or Small, Being a Bicycle is a Great Responsibility


Little Bike: Hello....

Big Bike: Hi there!

Little Bike: Gee, you are BIG! I wish I was like you.

Big Bike: Don't say that. There is no reason for you to feel inferior to any other bicycle, no matter what its genetic make-up, or place in society.

Little Bike: Why do you say that?

Big Bike: Because we all are charged with the same great responsibility.

Little Bike: What is that?

Big Bike: To safely transport someone from one point to another. Whether it is a small child learning what great fun it is to be our companion for the 1st time, and doing so by going down the block, and back, with you, Lance Armstrong and the trusty steeds he rode to victory so often in the Tour de France, or someone like my friend, The Cycling Dude, with whom I've taken joyful excursions of over 60 miles, the Bicycle, when in proper physical, and mental, health thanks to our companions, has an important role to play in the lives of those we live with.

Little Bike: Oh... I never thought of it that way! I feel so much better now. Though I will be sad to see little Jose move on to another Bike, I will take pride when he takes off my Training Wheels, and we can go farther, knowing that I have done my part to make him a lifelong lover of bicycling.

Big Bike: That's the spirit!

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