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December 10, 2006

Illinois Safety Video for Motorists, and Cyclists

Roger Kramer sends word of another safety video of interest:

The League of Illinois Bicyclists, with funding from the Illinois Department of Transportation, has produced a seven-minute video on motorist-bicyclist safety that has been distributed to 900 high school and private driving education programs in the state.

The video, narrated by Robbie Ventura, a teammate of Lance Armstrong on the former U.S. Postal Service Team, presents the do's and don'ts for new drivers for when they encounter bicyclists on the road, and is outstanding.

It is an informative film addressed to Motorists, but also valuable to Cyclists.

You can view it here.

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Outstanding - distributed to police and sheriff departments across the state, too. Let's hope some of them actually use this material :-)

Did you see the end credits? "SAME ROADS SAME RIGHTS SAME RULES" is a trademark of ProBicycle.com and was used with their permission. DOUBLY OUTSTANDING.

Posted by: Fritz | Dec 13, 2006 6:03:35 PM

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