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December 15, 2006


The other day I did a post about slogans for this Blog, and invited opinions about the list a program I found came up with. ;-D

Several folks picked favorites, and even made new suggestions, in the comments. ;-D

Those who have corresponded with me over the years already know what I am about to reveal:

I actually already HAVE a slogan. ;-D

I use it in tandem with my name in signing e-mails:

Kiril Kundurazieff

The Cycling Dude


Putting the ING in BICYCLING Since January 2003!

I can see you scratching your head, and wondering just what the heck "ING" is, so don't deny it. ;-D

The answer lies in the 2nd sentence in the blurb near the top of my sidebar:

Do U Bicycle? Dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun. Commentary, links, news, opinion, reviews, stories, travelogue, and occasional heads up about events. An ordinary road cyclist spreads the word and the word is BICYCLE!

The most important job of this Blog, and the resources to your right, is to spread the word that Bicycling is GOOD FOR YOU, and FUN !

Is your health improved by your cycling?

Do you have fun on, and enjoy, your bike rides, whether it's a 10 mile commute, a 50 mile ride around the county, or a century ( or 2! )?


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According to the Acronym Dictionary, ING = Iraqi National Guard, Islamic Network Group, the Isaac Newton Group and the International Network of Golf.

Just killin' time on a Saturday night :-). Any plans for Christmas?

Posted by: Fritz | Dec 16, 2006 11:28:29 PM


Hee, hee. ;-D

I have the 24th, and 25th, off, and am planning a ride for 1 of those days. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Dec 17, 2006 11:39:23 AM

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