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January 02, 2007

Blogosphere Covers Bicycling 6: A Quick Look Around

On January 5th, 2003, a Blog was born with a BANG.

It was created by a then little known Mainstream Blogger who had been sharing his opinions for less than a year, and who was a lifelong cyclist.

He only knew of 1 other person plying the trade of BikeBlogging, and that person had begun his blog the previous month.

The Cycling Dude was born that month, and has been pedaling his way into peoples lives ever since.

The Cycling Dudenization Of America, and the world, had begun! ;-D

A New Era in online writing for this niche was born, and the affect on my life has been profound.

From sharing my bike ride adventures, to new BikeBloggers joining the ranks because of me, to debates with politicians, activists, and regular cyclists, on the opposite end of the political spectrum from me ( Hint: I'm a former Liberal who became the Conservative he was always meant to be. ), the contents of which have made for some the best posts I've done, to an Instalanche, and the current, um, Quickie ( Hee, hee! ), and the heads up on news, events, sites, and stories from readers, and those in the industry, this ordinary cyclist ( There are several BikeBloggers with more knowledge, time, and resources, than I doing wonderful work. ) has done my best to share my love of Bicycling.

I want to celebrate the 4th Birthday of The Cycling Dude by re-invigorating a Series I began more than a year ago.

Only 4 times last year did I Blog about Mainstream Bloggers Blogging about Bicycling, and I regret the lapse. :-(

In 2005 I had begun a Series that I called BLOGOSPHERE COVERS BICYCLING.

The idea?

This series is dedicated to a singular quest:

How many bloggers in the Blogrolls of my OTHER blog, Sneakeasy's Joint, and the non-cycling Blog Bloggerverse in general, have written about the Bike, Bicycle, Bicycles, Bicycling, Bicyclists, Bikes, Cycling, and/or Cyclists on their sites, and in what context?

Why not report on any stories I find?

The last entry in the Series was in November, and all entries in this Series, and other similar postings, are in the similarly named Archives, found here.

Something has occurred that served to remind me of this project and is the reason for a return to it in 2007.

Yesterday Bill Quick, the Daily Pundit, celebrated the creation of a word that personifies how, in infinite diversity, truly Great Minds do not all think alike, and benefit the world by this contrariness.

The word is BLOGOSPHERE.

Now you know who to thank when you use that word. ;-D

I left a comment, and this led Bill to use his deductive skills to connect the dots, of authorship, between 2 Blogs. ;-D

As you will see that discovery made my day, and led to his 1st Cycling related post since September! ;-D

As for me, I had not noticed that he had a Cycling Archive, and that's where this post comes in. ;-D

So let's start Pedaling!

I've added Bill's Archive to the Blogroll not only because he is a fellow California Blogger, and someone whose work I've Blogged on my other Blog, and greatly respect, but because he's a fellow cyclist who I hope will continue his occasional BikeBlogging.

What Bill has done is just give me incentive to find a way to someday make my wish to visit San Francisco, especially for some bike riding, come true.

To readers of Daily Pundit, especially those who are fellow cyclists, I welcome you to The Cycling Dude, and encourage you to read, and comment on, 4 years of BikeBlogging ( It's all in the Archives! ), make use of the resources in the sidebar ( Unmatched in the Blogosphere! ), and let me know of events and stories, and websites related to cycling ( My e-mail is in the sidebar, and there is a special INVITE further on in this post. )

Oh, and spread the word! The word is BICYCLING! ;-D

Now let me introduce MY readers to Bill:

1. Sept. 12th, 2005:

Kayakers, hikers, mountain bikers and anyone who stays out in the elements might like the waterproof (not just “weatherproof”) Pentax OptioWP.

A Truly Waterproof Digital Camera

2. Nov. 11th, 2005:

Another cyclist discovers the fun in dragging a Camera long on the ride. ;-D

I’m spending a lot more time on my bike these days, so I decided to haul a camera along and take shots whenever I see something I like, or that is especially “San Francisco.” Some of these pics will seem fairly touristy, and some won’t.

Great Photos! ;-D

Another Something for the Weekend.

3. Nov. 20th, 2005:

Here are pics from my bike ride today.

More Great Photos! ;-D

The desciptions, this time around, are more lengthy. ;-D

4. Feb. 9th, 2006:

Okay, turns out my itch for a new bike was easy to scratch. I just grabbed a late-70s to mid-80s Raleigh out of my local Goodwill in very good condition - some chips and nicks, but that beauty golden head badge still gleams like it was 18kt. Total cost? $25.00.

Check out the cool photos. ;-D


5. Feb. 19th, 2006:

A Weekend Biking Thread is inaugurated with cool photos of a new purchase, and his current Commuter Bike. ;-D

I started a weekend cooking thread because I like cooking. I like biking, too, so we may as well have a weekend biking thread....

Okay, the thread is now officially open. You got anything you want to post about biking? If so, feel free. Your bike(s), rides, memories, thoughts, whatever.

I think this was the best idea he has had since inventing the word Blogosphere, if you ask me! ;-D

Weekend Bike Blather. ( Some interesting Comments. )

Just to remind everyone I've had an open invite, since the beginning of this Blog, in January 2003, to folks who want to share something Bicycling related in a post on The Cycling Dude.

Few, sadly, have taken me up on it so far.

The link to all you need to know has always been in a prominent spot in the sidebar.

AN INVITATION - Looking for news tips, story ideas, and the rare contributor appearance.

The Archives for all such posts, and related items, is called Voices from the Open Road.

6. March 4th, 2006:

Finally another reader gets into the spirit, and sends some nice pics that Bill inserts in a Comment.

Rob sends us some primo bike porn.

7. April 1st, 2006:

Sharing the interesting thoughts on cycling of the blogger Cold Fury.

The last of the officially titled "Weekend Bike Blather"posts seemed to have stopped in mid-May.

While reader comments were always plentiful the original purpose of the series never got off the ground.

8. August 1st, 2006:

What happens when Judges don't understand Bicycles.

Yesterday at the Multnomah County Courthouse the law came down against fixed gear bicycles.

On June 1, 2006 Portland bike messenger Ayla Holland was given a ticket for allegedly violating Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 815.280(2)(a) which states,

“A bicycle must be equipped with a brake that enables the operator to make the braked wheels skid on dry, level, clean pavement. strong enough to skid tire.”

A big thanks to Bill for bringing this story, by my fellow BikeBlogger, at Bike Portland, to the attention of the non-Bicycling Blogosphere. ( Check out the discussion in the comments at both Blogs, especially at Bike Portland. )

Another Fixe-Gear Cyclist, ticketed by the same cop, WON his case in Court several months later ( The Judge was an avid Cyclist! )!

Please read follow-up posts linked in bottom of both Bike Portland pieces for more on these, and related, stories, through the FAll.

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I think I like the other word you created, Dudenization. :)

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