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January 27, 2007

New Bike Trail Plan in Costa Mesa Brings Questions 3

After exploring the proposed route for the new Bike Trail, in Costa Mesa ( The story begins here. ), there was 1 more thing I needed to do: Discover where the 2 Concrete Channels meet, and become 1.

So I returned to Bristol St. and Bear.

Actually I got off the bus at Bristol and Baker, and rode south to a little side street, just before the 73 frwy., called Randolph, Ave., that heads east, and deadends at a gated Apartment Community called South Pointe.

Luckily the gate was opened by a person on foot, and so I ventured forth, riding around until i came to where the complex comes up against the Santa Ana Dellhi Channel as it heads south.

From there I saw that tthe merger I suspected was closer to the freeways, and so returned to Bristol, and Randolph, where there is a Business Complex across the street from the Memphis Restuarant.


There, in the back, I found my Holy Grail. ;-D

The eastbound Paularino Channel, that stopped at Bristol, and Bear, re-emerges from under the 73, on its north side, next to the back parking lot, of the Business Park at 2900 Bristol.

The notion that this proposed trail would be continuous would be shot to pieces, by what I saw in this little corner.

Recreation aside, officials think the plan would spruce up downtrodden channels, which often abut homes but also lure vandals and transients.

"If it were improved and it were a place with a lot of people and a lot of activity, it would prevent a lot of deterioration," said Councilwoman Katrina Foley, who has been spearheading the proposal along with city Transportation Manager Peter Naghavi.

I agree that creating a Multi-use Trail along the route in question would improve the area, but there would have to be several, unconnected, Trails, with maybe Class 2 striping, on Bristol between the end of the accessable Paularino, and the start of the accessable Delhi, sections.

At the places where streets cross the path of the channels some way of getting to the other side would be needed, whether a cross-walk, or tunnel.


After coming out from under the 73 the Paularino, takes a short jog, and merges with the Delhi.

Wanting to get a clear shot of the merger, and where it goes under the 55 and 73, I walk over where the complex, and the Delhi, are next to the 55.

I seriously contemplated climbing the fence, which would have been easy to do, for a nice un-obstructed, close-up, but with my luck the cops would magically appear, with me on the wrong side, and headlines of "Local Blogger Arrested for Tresspassing on Freeway! " being plastered on the front page of the Orange County Register, danced in my head. ;-D


So I settled for getting close to the ground, and up against the fence, for this shot, instead.

The next, and final, piece of the puzzle, was now pretty clear to me.

I returned to Bristol, and rose south to where i had earlier seen the Delhi emerge next to the Acapulco Restuarant.

On the north side of the street are Bristol Mini-Storage, and Ganahl Lumber.

Locking my bike outside the lumberyard I ventured into the wilds of Ganahl's outdoor backlot, and discovered a little corner, up against the fence that separates the yard from the storage, and the fence that separates the yard from the freeway.

Climbing onto an unsteady perch, on top of a stack of some huge something-or-others, I got a nice, clear, view.


Yup, you guessed it!

No Channel! ;-D

Nadda, nothing, nowhere. ;-D

It obviously is under the Mini-storage.

So there you have it.

The Channel returnes to daylight, after going under Bristol, as you can see in my final picture, then heads SE past Golf Courses, as shown before.


As the article in the Register reports: "Naghavi said he has met with county officials about the idea, but that any design awaits City Council direction.

A study session will likely be held next month, Foley said."

Well, I plan to write to both, this weekend, about what I found, and see what they have to say about this.

I'd like to assume that they know of the complications I've detailed, but the article puts doubt on that assumption, so I figure that my report will, if not open their eyes to something unknown, serve as a visual reminder.

****UPDATE - 1/31/07****

The Responses have been coming in. ;-D

Proceed to Part 4.

****END UPDATE****

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