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January 31, 2007

New Bike Trail Plan in Costa Mesa Brings Questions 4

I wrote the reporter of the OC Register the following heads-up, on the 28th:

Dear Mr. Overley:

I recently read your story on the possibility of a new Bike Trail in Costa Mesa.

As a BikeBlogger, who lived in Costa Mesa for 2 years, wrote about cycling in the city, and the Back Bay as well, not to mention writing about cyclling in the OC in general, I was interested.

I made a couple of trips to explore the route, as described, before writing my own story as a follow-up to yours.

Did you go wandering around for a look see, as well, or just do your story based on the what the Officials said?

The reason I ask is that, after checking things out for myself, I have plenty of questions. ;-D

I applaud their goal, but they, and by extention, your article/map, are giving the impression that the trail would be continuous, when all the evidence I saw clearly shows otherwise.

I just completed a 3 part series, with pictures, and will add more chapters as the story warrants.

New Bike Trail Plan in Costa Mesa Brings Questions. 

There is a link leading to the next chapter to make it easy to follow the story.

I, and my readers, would be interested in your thoughts on my report, and any more light you can shed on what you learned in reporting this story.

Sincerely yours,

Santa Ana, CA.

I received the following reply, the next day:

Hi there Kiril, thanks for writing ... I did drive and walk along a portion
of the route to get a taste of what the channels look like, albeit nothing
on the scale of your research. I hear you on it not being a continuous
route; but it would have been impossible to create our map to reflect every
break in the chain, so to speak.

Within my story, I used the plural on purpose -- "Dusty, weed- infested
gullies could become cycling havens" -- but you're right, I should have
been more clear.

Anyway, thanks again for touching base. If you'll pass on your number, I'd
like to talk with you in the event I do a follow-up story. Best,

Jeff Overley
The Orange County Register

Well, of course I passed along my number! Along with the following reply:

Hi there, and  Thanks for replying!

Score 1 for the "New Media" ! Hee, hee. ;-D

Seriously... I applaud the Register for making the story public in the 1st place.

How many folks would know the idea was even being contemplated if the Officials had not had the medias help to publicize it?

Just so ya know.... I work 6 days a week mostly, and those shifts begin as early as 1245pm, or as late a 3pm, thus meaning I don't have the chance to attend meetings, and the like, unless they fall on off days.

I commute by bus, and/or bike, where ever I go. ;-D

BTW, I list the OC OUTDOORS link as a resource in my sidebar, and have corresponded with Mr. Whiting about a story of his as well ( One which I had already broken a few years earlier, hee, hee! ), to answer a question he had in his piece about riding thru Camp Pendleton. ;-D

Sincerely yours,

Santa Ana, CA.

Very cool. ;-D

City Officials respond in Part 5.

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