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February 19, 2007

Law Enforcement Bicycle Association

I had no idea!

The Baby Sis, and Brother-in-Law, are Sheriff Deputies, and if they were aware of this they never told me about it.

The Law Enforcement Bicycle Association is the organization responsible for providing law enforcement cyclists and their instructors with the skills and training necessary to allow them to become the most effective bicycle officers possible.

LEBA was formed in 1987 with the birth of modern day police cycling in Seattle, Washington.   As we accelerate through the new millennium, LEBA continues to grow and provide the highest level of training to the bike officer. We do it the "LEBA Way" with  the most established bike patrol training curriculum available. LEBA strives to constantly update our techniques to keep pace with the continually changing requirements of law enforcement.

All of the LEBA techniques are tested on the streets, where it counts!

Their Mission Statement:

The Law Enforcement Bicycle Association exists to further the training, education, professionalism and unity of police bicycle patrol officers. The association anticipates or recognizes and responds to needs and opportunities in these areas through:

Effective leadership.

The collection and dissemination of information related to needs and opportunities.

Delivering quality training.

Observing the highest moral and ethical standards.

Very, VERY, COOL! ;-D

Please help support their organization in any way that you can ( The Website now has a prominent spot in my sidebar. ).

Visit the website of The Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, and help support the people who keep us all safe!

If you sign the Guest Book take the time to explore the over 60 pages of Guest Comments.

Yes, there are a few spam that have not been removed, but you will be well rewarded with the heart felt words of members of Law Enforcement who have taken, or taught, the courses of LEBA, over the years.

A Tip of the Bike Helmet to The FredCast!

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