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March 05, 2007

5 Reasons Why I BikeBlog

I was tagged by Cyclicious so I'm supposed to bare my soul, and reveal  my innermost secrets about why I've done this for 4 years.

An appropriate moment of introspection for a person on one's 47th Birthday, don't you think? ;-D

Being as I was one of the earliest, and some of you have told me that I inspired you to follow in my footsteps, this will be of some interest, I'm sure. ;-D

So here goes...

1. "Baron von Drais is God's Bicycling Apostle. Those who follow him are destined to be healthy, and ruthless in spreading the word to the Non-Bicyclists, but merciful to one another."

Cycle'an 48:29

I feel I am blessed to be a follower in the trail blazed by  Baron von Drais, may fine cycling weather be upon your rides in His name, and consider it my mission in life to spread the word about cycling to the Infidel, and support my Brethren in their understanding, and enjoyment of the 1 true path.

2. Ibn Warcyclist on Bicycling:

"The Theory, and practice, of Bicycling was not concocted in a vacuum... It was inspired by the creativity of God's Bicycling Apostle, and the Draissine, Boneshaker, and Columbia Expert Traditions.

Infidels, especially motorists, find it hard to believe this... It is extraordinary the amount of people who have written about the Bicycle without once mentioning the Apostle, and his early disciples.

We must take seriously what the Infidels say to understand their motivation, [ that ] it is the duty of all non-cyclists to honk their car horns at the Faithful, drive too close to them, and open car doors before them without 1st looking, until all the Faithful are forced to quit their rightful places, for the the sidewalk, or not worship the Bicycle at all.

For every reason the infidels produce, the Worshipers of the Apostle's true mode of transportation, must use examples of law, and logic, [ that are ] exergetically, philosophically, and historically far more legitimate."

Doing so in a friendly, calm, and rational manner, of course, is why I BikeBlog.

3. Alexis de Pedalingville on the Bicycle:

"I studied the Bicycle a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few vehicles in the world as beneficial to men, and women, as that of the Bicycle.

It is the principle cause of the enjoyment of leisure time, and commuting time, so visible among many segments of the world's people, and its social, and health, uses are in my opinion not to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of exercise that is a worthy alternative to other forms of transportation available today."

To spread the word about such benefits, is another reason I BikeBlog.

4. "And join them where ever ye find them, and ride with them to all the different places where you can go, for companionship is to be preffered to solitude from time to time, when worshiping the Bicycle."

Cycle'an 2:191

That is why I consider it part of my mission to spread the word about Clubs, and Event Rides, that even a family would enjoy being a part of, and recently joined a Club myself.

5. "God's Bicycle Apostle hath created for the Believers for the benefit of their persons, and enjoyment, the idea of the human powered vehicle; For theirs in return is the heavenly feeling of the open road, on a warm, windy, day: They ride in His cause, and convert the unbelievers, relieving them of their misperceptions, and misgivings: Bringing more to the Truth every day.

Cycle'an 9:111

For this I became The Cycling Dude:

Dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun.

An ordinary road cyclist spreads the word...

and the word is BICYCLE. ;-D

Since I'm sure at least one of the folks Fritz sent this to will continue the chain, technically the Meme God's can't damn me to hell for not sending it along myself. ;-D

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Happy Birthday, Dude!

Posted by: Fritz | Mar 6, 2007 12:26:54 AM

Thank U ! ;-D

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Mar 6, 2007 11:34:14 AM

Speaking of Baron von Drais, have you ever seen this story at New Scientist regarding his invention?

Posted by: Fritz | Mar 6, 2007 11:51:49 AM

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