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March 03, 2007

Acura Bike Tour Preview: Dude Takes Expo by Storm

I had thought to headline this post as follows:

Cycling Dude Exposes Self at Quality of Life Expo.

As you can well imagine, there is a problem of perception with that description, so abandoned that idea. ;-D

Expo_one The last time I attended The Acura L.A. Bike Tour, and the Expo, the notion of Blogging had not entered into my head yet.

The Expo was a 3 day affair, and the ride toured Crenshaw Blvd., Wilshire Blvd., Hollywood, and Echo Park.

The only thing that has not changed, fom 2001, is that 15,000 strangers will be gathering to help me celebrate my birthday a day early.

They just don't know that's why they are here. ;-D

You see, while the Mainstream Media is busily covering the Marathon, and treating it as the be all, and end all, of the entire weekend....

We cyclists know that the only reason to venture into the heart of Los Angeles, this busy weekend, is to attend an Expo to get a Goody Bag, other assorted freebies, buy any cycling wardrobe essentials that strike our fancy, among other things, then hang out with fellow cyclists from the wee hours of Sunday morning, so as to go on a 20+ mile bike ride at dawn. ;-D

Expo_two This KNBC 4 Camera Man was among those who lined up, in a nice, neat row, to record for posterity the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that officially opened the weekend fesitivities.

I was standing just behind the ribbon cutter, so my head will probably appear on TV all across the Southland, if I'm lucky.

Too bad I didn't have a sign with my Blog URL in huge block letters!  ;-D

Anyway, after entering the room I saw this guy filming his guts out, and could not resist the wonderful opportunity for a great "New Media" Moment.

I took a picture of him shooting film of ME, and those behind me, entering the room ( Maybe this will appear on TV, too, who knows! ).

As he continued doing his job, quite well, and very professionally, I might add, I asked him what Network he was from, and when he told me I told him I was a BikeBloger, and that  I took a shot of him shooting us, then slipped one of my cards in his empty back pocket, and went off to get my Bib, and Goody Bag. ;-D

*** 1130pm: We Interrupt This Post for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!

The Cycling Dude was shown on KNBC 4 News!!

We Now Return You to Our Regularly Scheduled Post***

I spent 5 hours walking the floor, passing out business cards, talking up the Dude, and having a grand time.

Stay tuned, throughout the week, for my picture filled report of the Expo, and the Ride itself.

For now let me extend a very heartfelt welcome to any of the 74 people who got one of my business cards, today, and those they might have shared the link with, and anyone who I give the link to ( or who see it on my bike. ) on Sunday, who might stop by for a visit this weekend, and in the future.

You are about to discover a niche in the Blogosphere that caters to your interest in, and love of, Cycling, in all its variety.

This Blog is dedicated to the proposition that bike riding is good for you and fun. It has commentary, links, news, opinion, reviews, stories, travelogue, and occasional heads up about events.

An ordinary road cyclist spreads the word and the word is BICYCLE!

You can get a thumbnail sketch of what can be found here by reading this post.

I am always looking for news tips, story ideas, and the rare contributor appearance.

I am proud to be one of the BEST BikeBlogs in the USA, and the World, Since Jan. 2003!

I hope you like the place, and encourage you to explore 4 years of archived stories, leave comments, and/or e-mail me, about what you think.

Read Part 3: As Seen on TV!

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