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March 03, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: Bib, Goody Bag, Freebies, Carbs

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And leads to succeeding parts. )

I awoke on Friday morning at 4am, and made it to my 5am bus ride to Long Beach with 3 minutes to spare.

Having got home from work at 1130pm I only had 4 hours sleep so use the opportunity of the 2 hour bus, and Metro Blue Train, ride into Los Angeles to catch a bit more sleep.

I arrived at the Los Angeles Convention Center around 735am, and as I entered, and was looking at a display of brochures, before heading to the lower level location of the Quality of Life Expo, I was approached by a Security Guard who asked me if I "worked today".

It seems that I looked remarkably like a new Supervisor, and he laughed, and told me not to be surprised if others thought so, too.  ;-D

By 745am I was among a small number of people who had gathered at the entrance to the Expo hall, and settled in to wait.

Expo_thre As more folks began to arrive, anf fill the corridor, I found myself in conversation with a man from Florida, here for the Marathon.

We spent about 45 minutes talking politics, bicycling, the route of the Marathon, and something else that just goes to show you just how small this huge world of ours can be.

When I learned he originally came from Orange County, I mentioned I originally came there from the Inland Empire.

This led him to smile in recognition, and say he went to Claremont Graduate School.

This led me to tell him of my connection with the Claremont Colleges thru the fact that my Dad, Godfather, and 2 Uncles wer part of the grounds crews of 2 of the colleges from the 50's to the early 70's.

As we got ready to enter the expo at 9am I found myself talking to another man about cycling.

It was here, in the hallway, that I put my 1st plan into action:

I thought it would be interesting to engage people in conversation with an unscientific little survey.

Question 1: Do you know what a Blog is?

Question 2: If yes, have you visted any BikeBlogs?

Question 3: If Yes, have you ever visited The Cycling Dude?

Each person would be rewarded with one of my Business Cards, and a bit of knowledge about my Blog. ( More on the Survey later, after the Bike Ride. )

Expo_fourFor the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony I was just behind the Important People, and the guy with the Cutter.

The Mainstream Media, cameras at the ready, were lined up, in front of us, snapping, and filming, to their precious little hearts content.

With Wi-fi Connections in the Lunch Area, and the Media Room wired for computers, too, this display seemed quite old-school, though it's a neccessary activity until mankind evolves completely beyond TV to whatever the next thing will be to replace it.

After taking the picture of the Network Cameraman, described in a previous post, I joined the stampede to the sign-in area only to discover it was not much of a stampede!

With giving one of my Cards to the cameraman my other plan got under way: I aimed to pass out the last 80 of my old Business Cards ( They still said I was based in Costa Mesa. ) to Media, and various cycling related booths, as well as to any cyclist I could find.

Within minutes I had my Bib Number ( 8161 ), and the all important Goody Bag.


The Goody Bag was just the 1st of 3 bags, in addition to my book bag, that I ended up lugging around for the rest of the day. ;-D

Gdy_bag The T-shirt, the Commemorative Pin, the Rain Coat in a bag, and a nice little headlight ( In that white box. ) were the major prizes in this swag. ;-D

I'll have more about the contents throughout posts in the week. ;-D

The folks whose job it is to give us our correct bibs, and organize each Goody Bag are a hearty lot who do their task with a friendly smile, and good cheer.

In the 5 hours I spent wandering the isles I collected all sorts of free literature, and knick-knacks, and made a few purchases.

Luckily this was not a Book Publishers Convention, or a Travel Show, so I came away unburdened by a heavy load.

As you can see... my cat, Nikita, was quite impressed by my haul, and quite amused by all the effort I went thru to make pictures for this entry in the series. ;-D


This evening, the 2nd, and final, day of the Expo, cyclists, and runners, who paid for it, are having themselves a nice Carbo Load Dinner, and schmoozefest.

I decided to save a ton of money and fix my own, here in the kitchen of The Maceyugoserbulgarigreekadonian Compound. ;-D

Carb_load2 boxes of the Mac and Cheese.

2 cans of the Mixed Veggies.

10 minutes cooking time.

This is one of my Survival Specialties, as a bachelor.

I usually only fix 1 box, and 1 can, but this being special occasion...

Cooked... the damage comes out to 2640 Calories, 1020 from fat ( The Mac and Cheese is the sole guilty party in this delicious concoction. )

So, as I post this I have just finished eating, and will be heading to bed by 645pm because I have to get up at 1145pm for the trek back to Los Angeles.

Read Part 5 here ! ;-D

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I saw some people wearing cool cycling jerseys after the acura ride on sunday. Anybody know where to buy them?

Posted by: Todd | Mar 5, 2007 11:29:15 PM

Hey there, Todd!

Welcome to the Dude!

My reports will continue, tomorrow, after I recover from my birthday, but for now let me say that I don't have clue where you can get those jerseys now that the event is over.

They were not even sold on the Website.

I only saw jerseys sold at the Expo, and after the Ride, and they were as expensive as your usual Bikeshop sold jerseys.

Maybe someone other reader will have an answer.

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Mar 6, 2007 12:09:48 AM

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