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March 07, 2007

Acura Bike Tour: The Expo 2

NOTE: For latecomers to this series Part 1 can be found here ( And leads to succeeding parts. )

It is a beautiful, warm, and windy day, not a cloud in sight...

It is your day off, and you haven't a care in the world as you head out to who knows where for a day of riding, passing folks who give you envious looks, from the confines of their cars, and SUV's, as they encounter you on your bike...


Suddenly you awaken from your reverie to remember that the bike in whose saddle you have been sitting, going nowhere, is a 2007 model Honda VTX1800 MOTORCYCLE at the Quality of Life Expo.

Sincere thanks are due the Rep who helped me pull off the above photo. ;-D

The Official Car and Motorcycle had space next to the Official Bank, and there was even a make-up booth, and one selling kitchen knives.

One of the great pleasures of the day was being able to hang out for a few minutes, and have my picture taken, with a very famous celebrity.


Yes! Oh, Happy Day!

I got to meet McGruff the Crime Dog!!

The famous "Take a Bite Out of Crime" Officer of the Law himself!

What an honor!! ;-D

McGruff was there as a representative of the National Crime Prention Council ( Search the word Bicycle, on the site, for some interesting results. ), in support of Boomerangit, and the National Bike Registry, the Official Bicycle Registration, and Recovery Service, of McGruff himself.

Needless to say I bought the Protect Your Bike Kit, and a T-Shirt, and plan to Blog about all 3 sites in the future.

Read Part 8 ! ;-D

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