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March 08, 2007

Bike Route Resource in New Jersey

Ron Asteak and his wife opened a Bike Shop in New Jersey, in 1994,, Bike King of North Clinton, 103 years after the oldest continuously operating shop in the nation, Kopp's ( News Article ), opened, also in New Jersey....

I thought this was cool!

Another thing that's cool is the New Jersey Bike Riding Resource page, on their website.

I learned of it when Ron left a comment, today, to my 4 year old post celebrating your friendly neighborhood Bicycle Shop, and announcing my intent to honor the Elder Statesmen and women, of the industry, around the nation, and the world, and asking readers to help me find them.

They offer free maps, and ride info, as well, and so if you are in state, or looking for nice vacation spot info, check them out.

I like their view of Bicycling:

You can ride your bike just about anywhere you can take your car and have a much more interesting time at it.

If everyone rode their bike at least once a week, the world would be a much happier place. Once or more a day and it would be ecstatic.

They should bring back public hangings for bike thieves.

Not only do helmets look good, they can keep your brain in one piece if worn properly.

If you take care of your bike, your bike will take care of you.

The public hanging idea will be quite popular in some jurisdictions, I'm sure! ;-D

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This is some good and valuable information that you've offered here.

Next time I get the chance I'd like to do some biking around Jersey.

Posted by: Sea Isle City Fan | Nov 12, 2008 9:24:36 PM

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