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March 13, 2007

Historic Italian Bike Shop 112 years old!

Thanks to an encounter with a cyclist at the Acura Los Angeles Bike Tour, on March 4, I discovered the existence of one of the oldest Bike Shops in the world.

Detto Pietro, of Milan Italy, opened for business in 1895.

I love the description that opens the History page on their English Language website:

The national and international image of the Detto Pietro firm comes from an history which begin one hundred years old with the introduction by the establisher Detto Sante of a great innovation in the cycling world: the shoes for racing bikes.

The Detto Pietro was founded in the far 1895, as a firm of innovation in a phase of big technical and cultural changes, from the cinema of the Lumière's brothers, to the first pneumatics Michelin, to the first biennial of Venice. The shop placed in the heart of Milan showed the little shoes which in all over the world are become the standard for cycle racing.

A bike, and cycling shoe manufacturer, with a proud history.

Part of the charm of the website is the fractured use of English as seen on the "Why to Contact Detto Pietro?" page. ;-D

The use of photos on this site is well done, especially the pride of place of the one showing the original store ( ? ), and leads me to hoep that someday they can be persuaded to set up a page of photos proudly sharing the illustrious history of the company, its locations, its personel, and its products.

A section of Italian related Cycling links, geared to tourists interested in Touring Italy, or just individual cities, is something i was disappointed not to find.

But those are just very minor concerns.

I am very honored to include a link to Detto Pietro, as the 1st Non-American Shop in my Honor Roll of Elderstatesmen of the Bicycling Industry, as seen in my sidebar. ;-D 

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Nice find. I suspect a little bit of computer translation on some of those pages. "Have you decided to spend your spare time cycling in the greenness or off the beatem track?"

Posted by: Fritz | Mar 13, 2007 3:01:23 PM

That may be so, I do not know, but I give them credit for making the effort to connect with a wider audience. -D

They have a version for Spain as well. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Mar 14, 2007 11:14:11 AM

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