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May 18, 2007

A Bicyclist's Lament

On Wednesday evening I joined more than 150 of my fellow OC Cyclists in one of several Rides of Silence in the county.


It was an emotional experience for one, and all.

Everyone was on their best riding behavior, the Irvine PD provided escort, and traffic control, at intersections, and the ride went off without incident.

I took numerous photos, and will share more of them, and more about the evening, over the weekend but, for now, I just want to share a poem I wrote this morning ( With sincerely apologies to Francis Henry Maynard, Arlo Guthrie, and the short song The Streets of Laredo. ).


The Streets of Orange County: A Bicyclist's Lament 

As I pedaled down the streets of Oange County
As I rode around Orange County one day
I spied a fellow bicyclist wrapped up in white linen
All wrapped in white linen as cold as the clay

"I see by your outfit that you are a fellow bicyclist"
These words he did say as I proudly rode by
"Come stop here beside me and hear my sad story
I was run over by a car and I know I must die"

"'Twas once in the saddle I used to go ridin'
Once in the saddle I used to go every which way
First rode alone, and then with a club
I'm run over by a car and I'm dying today


"Let six spandexed cyclists come carry my coffin
Let six outspoken activists come to carry my pall
Lay helmets, headlights, and reflectors, around my coffin
Lay them as a reminder to one and to all"

"Oh, spread the word wide, and send a message bold
And ride alongside silently as you carry me along
Take me to the great bike trail and bury me beside it
For I'm a cyclist and this is my song"

We will spread the word wide and send a message bold
And sadly remember those whose lives are done
For we all have lost someone, so adventurous, young, and old
This we believe; share the road everyone.

Copyright 2007: Kiril G. Kundurazieff

Conitinue to Ride of Silence Irvine 2007 a Success.

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More people across the country should ride bikes especially during the summer months.

It is fun and a great way to excerise.

The greatest thing I like about riding is that it is not hard on you like running,you get a sense of freedom in riding.

This is a great site keep up the good work.

Posted by: Carl | Jun 13, 2007 5:10:48 PM

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