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June 28, 2007

75 Yr Old Gets Full Tune-up and Prepares for the Future

The following was sent to me, yesterday, by one of The Elders among America's Bike Shops:

The Gregg's Cycle building located at Ravenna Blvd. and Greenlake Way has been undergoing a major remodel and expansion that is slated for completion by mid July. Approximately 40% of the existing structure was demolished and replaced with a two-story 10,000 square foot addition.

The new facility will have 18,400 Square feet of space and will be the largest cycle store in the Northwest.

The 80 year old Gregg's building has become a familiar Greenlake landmark and one of the longest operating businesses in the Greenlake area.

Gregg's Cycle originally opened in 1932 in a small portion of the southeast corner of the building with a bicycle rental operation.

Renting a bicycle for a ride around Greenlake became a popular and inexpensive form of recreation during the lean economic times of the Great Depression. Bicycle sales and service were added in the late 1930's and soon became the dominant portion of Gregg's business.

Celebrating its 75th year of operation and now in the 4th generation of operation by the Gregg family, the store occupies the entire block.

Gregg's had leased off site space near the store since the 1970's as the business had outgrown the existing building. With the popularity of the Greenlake area for condominium projects, available nearby commercial space has all, but disappeared.

2007 has been a busy year for Gregg's with the move of their Aurora Cycle store to a new location near Alderwood Mall.

The Aurora store had operated continuously at 74th and Aurora Avenue North since 1937.

To cap off a year of moves and construction, Gregg's Bellevue store was moved in April to a new 11,500 square foot facility that was specifically designed and built to be a bicycle shop. The new store is a three-story facility located on Bellevue Way just south of Bellevue Square. This move was also prompted by development plans for the location at Bellevue Plaza that Gregg's had occupied since 1984.

The new stores will allow for more selection and greater customer convenience and we cannot thank our customers enough for their support and patience during the construction and other disruptions. Gregg's is planning Grand Openings for both the expanded Greenlake store and new Bellevue store later this summer.

Stan Gregg

Gregg's BlogCycle has a great post with construction pictures galore to complement an earlier post, with pics, that detailed the beginnings of work. ;-D

If you like pictures related to cycling this 2 year old blog will interest you. ;-D

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I have bought 4 bikes at Gregg's - so far. I love hanging out at Greenlake, I work in Bellevue, and I live near Alderwood Mall - so I have been to all three stores, and they are are nice. It's a great company.


Posted by: Phil SabinPhil | Jun 28, 2007 10:31:30 PM

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