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June 30, 2007

Billions for Gasoline, Not 1 Cent for Cycling and Walking!

That may be an exageration, but it DOES make for a snappy headline, you gotta admit! ;-D

The League of American Cyclists Blog commented on a story in the Washington Post, and thus prompted my little bit of headline fun:

The lead story documents the billions and billions of dollars with which we subsidize the blending of ethanol into our gasoline supply....

At the same time, the same Congress can’t find it within itself to spend the $6 million already authorized to fund a few programs to test what would encourage more people to ride or walk instead of driving, or the less than $10 million annual cost of a tax-break for bicycle commuters.

I agree with the LAB post that even a fraction of the money spent on the Car Culture could do wonders for the Cycling and Walking Cultures.

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