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August 08, 2007

Slow Pokes 2007: Malibu Canyon to Kanan Road

Mali_ri5 By the time you reach this spot you have travelled 16 miles ( See the Intro. ), and have a serious climb ahead of you.

But this one's easy, trust me, compared to others you will face. ;-D

I ran into a couple of Lady cyclists, just beyond this spot, who thought I was nuts for trying the ride I planned, alone ( Go with the LA Wheelmen, they said! ), and seemed disinclined to believe me when I said I'd done it alone before, and why ( Because the Wheelmen left me behind. ).

In addition to my Camelbak full of 100oz. of water mixed with 2 packets of fruit flavored Crystal Light powder, and a 1 lb. bag of Trader Joe's Pacific Shores All fruit Trail Mix, I had a plastic bag with my lunch of 2 sandwiches, and apple, and a banana. ).


It is  7 miles along Malibu Canyon Rd., past the tunnel, where it soon became Las Virgenes Rd., and up, up, to the Mulholland Highway intersection.

At the tunnel is a turn-off, like this one, and there I left another one of the BookCrossing Releases ( Like those in Pt. 1, there's a picture! ) in my panier. ;-D

The Rollies were a breeze, and the scenery was lovely as I passed State Park Lands, the climb impressive, but quite manageable, all the way to Mulholland.


So here I am, loitering on a street corner in the middle of near nowhere, at Las Virgenes Rd., and Mulholland Highway.

The cliff where I saw the Buck, and his Harem, was no longer there, and that saddened me.

There are hiking, and biking, jogging, and camping opportunites aplenty up here, and people park where they can, and are allowed.

At this point you have a choice to make:

Take the long ride like me, and hang a Left, or hang a Right, for a shorter ride back to the park ( Mulholland Highway, Left on Mulholland Dr., Right on Ventura Blvd., Right on Sepulveda ( Parallel to the San Diego Frwy. ) all the way back to Ohio, for a total of about 57 miles, start to finish. )


So hang a left, and follow me into Malibu State Park!!

Up, up, and up some more!

I was passed by several cyclists, who experessed concern when they saw me walking my bike along several stretches, but I smiled, and said I had forgotten how tough some of these hill were!

Mali_ri9 You have to be very careful up here as the roads are narrow, and along many long stretches that white line on the right has nothing between it, and the side of the road.

Up to this pont you may have noticed the cyclists in my pictures.

I saw them coming, and going, until I reached Kanan Rd., and then nobody until I again reached PCH.

Most were along, and of the Spandexed, Need for Speed, Daredevil variety, using the narrow, winding, hilly, roads of the mountains as their own personal Tour de France type challenge.

These people need to seriously slow down, take in the scenery, and smell the good clean air.

I'm just sayin' is all. ;-D

I noticed some new housing tracts up there, and some new paving on some stretches of rorad.

The above intersection, at Mulholland,  and Lake Vista Rd./Cornell Rd., for 1, or more detours, for a few extra miles:

A Left on Lake Shore takes you past Malibu Lake ( Actually Malibou Lake, despite what the maps say! )  before returning to Mulholland.

A Right on Cornell, to the historic Paramount Ranch, where Hollywood has been filming since 1927, and there are plenty of hiking opportunities.

As for me I just stayed on Mulholland. ;-D


Eventually I come to Sierra Creek Rd., and staying the course went a bit further, on Mulholland, to find where all those numerous Harleys that had been passing me since Pepperdine had been heading. ;-D

The famous Rock Store Cafe, is located at 30354 Mulholland Hwy , in the mountain Community of Cornell.

The Rock Store is the most famous motorcycle stop in Southern California and has been featured in many commercials, films, music videos, television productions and magazine photos.

It is a famous hangout not just for regular folk and their families, but Motorcycle Enthusiasts from your neighbor to the notorious Hell's Angels, and celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno, and others.

My experience this time pretty much matched the one last time, except that me, and the bike, were proud, confident, and unafraid!:

As I walked my Bicycle (hard to say who was more nervous there for a moment, me or my trusty steed) thru the crowd of what turned out to be mostly ordinary folk, with only a handful of Hell's Angels, my smile grew wide as I noticed all the Harleyholics eyeing me up and down with varying degrees of puzzlement and amusement.

Of course, I left another book behind before moving on. ;-D

Returning back to Sierra Creek Rd. I turn Left, and follow it a short distance to its end at Kanan Rd.


The popular Rustic Canyon Grocery and Grill is located on this short road that connects Mulholland Highwy with Kanan Rd. , in the mountain Community of Cornell ( This spot is also known as barely a part of Agoura Hills, and that city is its "official" location ), east of Malibu.

It is a popular stop in the mountains for cyclists, hikers, and campers.

As one website for Motorcyclists says about it: "Good Parking, Good Food, Good Prices, around the corner from the Rock Store, just not quite as crowded.";-D

Oh, and it's a popular Wednesday "Watering Hole" for a group of friendly MotorCycle Enthusiasts know as The Weasels:

"A Drinking Club With a Motorcycle Problem Since 1993, and A Legend in Motorcycling Since Earlier This Week!" ;-D

After enhancing my packed lunch of 2 Baloney Sandwiches, fruit trail mix, an Apple, and banana, with a purchase of potato salad, and a 24oz. Bud Light, I spent a leisurely hour resting, and reading the Sunday paper. ;-D

After riding a strenouous 13 1/2 miles, don't you think I needed an hour to rest, and recuperate? ;-D

If you have biked the whole way, from the park start, to Kanan, you will have travelled 29 1/2 miles.

It was 1135am when I got there.

Yes, I left a book here, too. ;-D

Proceed to the next chapter! ;-D

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