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August 09, 2007

Slow Pokes: Bike Path and Home Stretch

At Temescal Canyon Rd,, and Pacific Coast Highway, a Bike Path on the beach begins its journey south.

While this particular trip is only going as far as Santa Monica Pier, the trail actually goes much further, all the way down the coast, except for a small detour, to Torrance County Beach.

It is here that this journey enters the home stretch ( Part 1 is here, for late comers. ).


At Will Rogers there are benches to rest on, and bathrooms.

There is a 4 mile ride to Santa Monica Pier ahead. ;-D


Riding the trail can still be hairy at times, but this time it was not.

Yes, there are cyclists, joggers, and beach goers, of all shapes, and sizes...


and you now have to deal with adults, and teens, who are too wussie to ride a bicycle, and rent a Segway instead, but...

I tell ya, all those lovely, sculpted, BUNS OF STEEL are STILL floating around and ahead of you on roller blades! ;-D


Alas, those pleasant distractions ( Oh, and yes, ladies, there are male distractions of a similar variety for you, too, have not fear! ) must come to an end as the Santa Monica Pier finally comes into view. ;-D

If you have not been there in a few years then the place will surprise you.

After the 4 miles of Bike Trail I find the Bay St. exit to Ocean Blvd. on my left, not far beyond the Pier.

If you do not care to venture over to the famous 3rd Street Promenade ( A Webcam view! ), then here's how you get back to the park:

After a jaunt north on Ocean Blvd. it's the home stretch heading east on city streets and the familiarity of urban neighborhoods.

Right on Montana, left at Stanford, right at San Vicente, right at Barrington, and left on Ohio to the park.

Roll down Barrington, and Ohio,  to the park, in the late afternoon, or near-dark evening coolness with the exhiliration one feels doing a victory lap at the Olympics Marathon.

Once in the parking lot... go ahead and let out a yell of release, and pride of accomplishment.

After 66 miles, or a little more, you have earned the right. ;-D

It is a triumph for the ordinary cyclist. A triumph for the slow pokes.


One final note:

As readers of this series know I left books along the way, for people to find, as part of my being a member of BookCrossing.

I had 1 more stop before heading home.

The Velocity Cafe, a nice little place with an Official BookCrossing Zone.

The place turned out to be closed, but I took a picture, and plan to return Friday, with the 3 books I want to leave.

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