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September 05, 2007

Faithful Cleopatra to Spend 3 Days Under the Knife!


Loyal, to a fault, able to keep her wits about her despite all that I have put her thru in all the years we have shared our lives together, my darling Cleopatra has managed to make do with just the most basic tune-ups, once a year, which was all I could afford.

After our recent trip into the mountains, above Malibu, I realized she was beginning to show her age.

You can't see it because I have covered it with a blanket so as not to upset those with delicate sensibilities, but her saddle has been torn for years now, and its guts were showing, and frankly I feel bad for not getting it changed before now.

Not knowing what else was ailing her, aside from a flat back tire, I was not sure whether she would be able to get by with just another Basic fix, and was prepared for the worst ( Well, the scrap heap would be worst, of course, but bear with me, I'm getting all melodramatic, and trying to touch the readers heart strings, and all ( You DO have your hankie out by now don't you? ). ), the fulll blown Premium Tune-up!

Rei_vis2 So off to the Hospital we went, and I am just so proud of how she handled the trip!

It is not easy to walk 2 blocks to a bus stop, and after 2 bus rides, walk 2 more blocks, on a busted leg, with no anesthetic, and all the world watching your every step.

The old girl has her pride, and dignity, after all! ;-D

I can't remember exactly when it was I brought her into my life anymore, but she was a gorgeous young thing, that swept me off my feet with all that she had to offer, and the exciting rides she promised, compared to the MTB's I was used to.

I approached Doctor Don, and explained my concerns, and asked him to examine her, and give me his prognosis.

"Don't spare me, Doc, I can take it", I bravely said, as he gently poked, and prodded her, then eased her just as gently, into the repair stand for a look at her, um, more delicate places.

As he went about his work, I smiled at my loyal friend, and said I was going to get her some fancy new duds for her to wear, once she was out of the hospital, as the old ones had been tossed in the trash a couple of months ago, and that I was going to do something else that was long overdue, as a back-up, for our future looonnnggg rides hither and yon, nowhere near a bus stop ( Regular readers will know of what I speak. ).

Finally, the Doc finished, and looked at me with concern in his friendly eyes....

"She will live", he said, "but it will take a bit of work, as she needs new parts in her....", and his voice trailed off as he pointed at her chain, and housing.

I told him that those were the originals, and he showed me why the replacement was needed by using a tool on hers, and a new set, on the patient in the next stand, that vividly made the case clear about the wear, and tear, of the years.

I also agreed to the need for new tires, and he found  a nice seat in his extras, that allowed me to save at least $40 on a new one ( I can get a new one for Xmas, if I need to. )

We left her alone for a bit as the Doc, and I, went to another part of the hospital in search of the fancy doodads, and other items, I wanted.

After he found the tires, he made some suggestions, then introduced me to Nurse Hendrix, who helped me with my final choices, in a kind, and understanding, way.

I returned to the operating room, and the Doc put my stuff ( Those that won't be installed, over the next 3 days, anyway. ) in a bag to keep together until I returned on Saturday.

I said my good-byes to Cleopatra, assuring her that all would be OK, that she would be as good as new, and that she was in good hands, and went home.

Rei_vis3 I 1st brought my Steed here 2 years ago, for some new tubes, and a basic tune-up, if I remember right, and when I got my REI Membership I knew I'd like to make this location my new Bike Doc of choice ( See link in sidebar! ).

At the Acura Bike Tour, last March, I met the District High Poobah, and told her about this Blog, asking her to consider sticking my card, and even a flyer, on the info wall of the local store.

This summer, she came thru, and so there they are, and I couldn't be prouder. ;-D

On Sunday I'll Report on the aftermath of the Premium Tune-up, and have pictures, too.

After a month on the sidelines, I will be back in the saddle again, my Trusty Steed, and I, traveling the highways, and byways, of the OC, and Southern California once more! ;-D

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Take care of your baby and she'll take care of you. ;-)

About saddle rips, though: duct tape. It's the handyman's secret weapon!

Posted by: Fritz | Sep 7, 2007 3:07:53 PM

We do get attached to our bikes don't we? I know people get attached to their cars but somhow it's not the same. There is something more poetic with people and their bicycles. PEDALPOWER!

Posted by: Darren Weisz | Sep 8, 2007 9:04:44 PM

I'm glad you covered her up. She would be right never to let you on her again if you had been flaunting her saddle insides all over the internet. I hope she's a lot happier since her appointment.

Posted by: 3Ply Stagliano | Sep 14, 2007 12:58:50 PM

Since that fateful day she's been happily hitting the trails ever since. ;-D

Just check out our recent big rides.

In fact, she took me 55 miles a couple of weeks ago, and 38 more yesterday, some of this last on some rater rough pavement.

I'll have a full report up soon on the whole 90+ mile adventure. ;-D

Posted by: Kiril, The Cycling Dude | Dec 5, 2007 1:36:32 PM

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