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October 28, 2007

A Hearty Thanks to Local Blogs!

Word of my post on the health risks of cycling in these troubled days has been making the rounds of local blogs:

Thanks go to Art Pedroza of the popular and controversial Orange County Blog, Orange Juice, for including it in his Fire Round-up on the 25th.

Thanks also go to Geoff West, of A Bubbling Cauldron, for including it in his fire round-up, also on the 25th, which has a spectacular photo.

The weather has become cloudy and cooler, with an offshore breeze blowing the smoke into Riverside County to the east.

Health officials have kept health advisories up mostly for south county and areas close to the fires, advising that people with certain health conditions not do strenuous outdoor activities.

Most High School Football games were canceled until Monday and at least one cycling club, the OC Wheelmen, has switched the location of its sunday rides to flat riding along the coast, as opposed to the planned inland and hilly routes.

It appears that many cyclists are going to be getting back in the saddle today all across north county and along the coast, based on the health advisories, and the fact that the sight and smell of smoke is no longer hanging over us.


I'll toss the bike on the bus to work and ride it the 10 minutes needed to get to my late night bus home because to do otherwise will mean I get home 2 hours later.

I'll return to longer riding on the 30th.

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