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October 24, 2007

Everything just Ducky Along Mtns. to Sea Trail

Ok, call me daffy, but I used the excuse of giving my new odometer its first true workout, yesterday, to get a look at the fires in Irvine from the safe distance of the Mountains to Sea Trail.

The first 10 miles of the trail come within a few short miles of the 2 hot spots on the northern end of the huge area covered by the fire, and I saw just how close a portion of the trail and the housing developments, and a regional park, to the north of it came to being engulfed by fire over the weekend.

Fire_map_2 On Monday I rode my bike to the REI in Huntington Beach and arriving with a flat back tire went inside to get an odometer.

I wish to thank Steve Kennedy, in the cycling dept., for his assistance with the flat and the selection and installation of the Sigma BC 1106 DTS odometer.

Yesterday I rode the OCTA 54 bus on Chapman, to Santiago College at Jamboree and the start of the bike trail.

My bike ride lasted only an hour and I took 5 pictures.

Look at the map from the OC Register: My 1st 3 pictures, all related to the fire, show not just how close the fire came to the trail and housing on Jamboree, but how far away the rest of the trail is from the action.

The truly sad thing to report is how the beauty of one of the premier bike rides of the county will be affected by the ravages of the fire, including the very real risk to the popular Cook's Corner diner at the southern end of the route.

Riding along Santiago Canyon Rd., from Jamboree to Cook's Corner and back, or continuing along El Toro Rd. to the coast or connecting with the Aliso Creek Bike Trail to its end and THEN  returning, is a popular way to spend the day cycling.

It is something I still plan to do.


My first photo takes in the northern most active part of the fire, south of the Santiago College, from Chapman and Jamboree.


My 2nd photo is on the trail as it parallels Jamboree and passes the northern most tip of the fire damage, east of Tustin Ranch Rd..

Behind me are expensive housing developements and a Regional Wilderness Park just up the road.


The bike trail eventually leaves Jamboree, and heads between housing tracts to parallel the 261 Toll Rd. for a while and my 3rd photo is taken from the vantage point of Bryan Rd. as the trail crosses over the Toll Rd. from the west side to the east side before continuing on its way.

This offered a spectacular view of the other northern hot spot, above Portola Pkwy..

As I continued on my way I enjoyed the peace and beauty that is part of the fun of this entire route.


There is one stretch where the trail gets up close and personal with the channel itself, below the I-5, and I came across a release of water, from somewhere, that required careful navigation to get past.

Matching picture 4 above, on the other side of the tunnel I came across some local residents bathing themselves in the cool, refreshing, water.


Ain't they just the cutest things? ;-D

I left the trail at Walnut, rode west to Red Hill and caught the bus to work.

I rode a total of 17 miles over the whole day and absolutely loved the way my new odometer performed.

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Hey Cycling Dude,
Thx for the compliment but how could I let one of my fellow cyclist be stranded with a flat. Great web site. You've got everything here.

Be Safe.

Posted by: Steve Kennedy | Oct 25, 2007 8:50:08 PM

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