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November 27, 2007

Was He Wearing a Helmet?

Okay...Remember, people, Share the Road!

ROCHESTER, Minn. - A man clad in swim trunks was arrested after riding a bicycle through a motel's hallways and hitting two men.

Swim Trunks, or were they spandex cycling shorts?

Would he have been arrested if he hadn't hit the 2 pedestrians?

Who had the right of way?

If he did, then why was he arrested?

A woman showering after using the swimming pool at Best Western Soldiers Field Tower and Suites told police she heard a door open and saw a naked man at about 3:10 p.m. Sunday.

Nosey old Biddy!

What room are we talking about here? The apartment of the cyclist? The men's locker room in the pool area?

The man ran out of the room, pulled on swim trunks, hopped on a bike and road through the hallways, police said.

Oh, I see! He was freaked out by the peeping lady, and was just trying flee from her prying eyes!

Give the guy a break for crying out loud!

He'd obviously just finished showering after a bike ride, and didn't expect there to be anyone around when he opened the door.

Police Lt. John Edwards said the man, 38, hit another man, 76, and his son, both of whom suffered minor injuries.

The son chased the bicyclist, tackled him and waited for police to arrive, Edwards said.

Charges against the man were pending Monday, police said.

What caused him to hit the 2 people and how was it that they couldn't manage to get out of the way in time?

Aparently it was a very slow news day in Rochester, Minn. ;-D

Cyclist nabbed for motel hallway ride.

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