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February 18, 2008

San Diego Cyclist Takes Ride Based on Dude Story

I get e-mails. ;-D

This one is from someone in San Diego who is taking his ride today:

A few weeks back I stumbled upon your site after searching for info about the Santa Ana River Trail. I'm relatively new to cycling as I started in September of '07.

Jasbang Now, I'm not your typical cyclist. I don't ride a two thousand dollar bike while decked out in your typical cycling gear - I ride a $300.00 gearless beach cruiser and dress appropriately depending on the weather.

I'm a tall guy, 6'5" and 220 pounds, so this bike fits me perfectly.

Since getting my bike, I've been searching out routes that aren't too hilly (though there have been a number of times that I've had to push my bike up a hill or two) for someone on a one-speed.

I've traveled from Oceanside to my home in SD – 42 miles (with some long, STEEP hills in La Jolla), Downtown SD to Coronado Island (The Bayshore Bikeway - and back – 50 miles, Around Mission Bay – with all the side trips and riding to and from the starting point, the distance came out to 33 miles.

My next ride will take place this coming Monday on President's Day as I ride the Santa Ana River Trail starting at the north end. Getting there will be an experience in itself, I'm sure.

I'm riding Amtrak from downtown SD to Santa Ana starting at 6 AM. Once I arrive in SA, I'm taking the Metrolink to the West Carona station. That drops me off (around 9 AM) 5 miles northeast of the starting point in front of the Green River Golf Course. Once I finish at the ocean, I'll take two buses (or I might ride, depending on how my butt feels) to the Santa Ana Amtrak station to catch my return train to SD at 2:51 PM.

The point of all of this is for me to say thank you for all the detailed info that you posted after your ride on the SART (and all of your other rides, as well).

This will definitely let me know what to expect on my ride and let me say that you're doing a great service to your fellow cycling enthusiasts.

After this ride, I guess the San Gabriel River Trail is next!

My wife thinks I'm crazy for doing all of this, but her thinking that I'm crazy isn't anything new.

Keep those updates coming!

Jason Bang

San Diego

Comedian, Promoter/Producer


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Well look at you, getting all kudos and stuff. 8>)

I'll tell you, my server at work does not like this site.

A while back I could not post a comment.

Now (at work only), I can't even access your site.

I'll bet there are one or two words somewhere in you home page that my server has flagged and blocks access.


Posted by: John | Feb 20, 2008 9:29:07 PM

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