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April 22, 2008

BIKE TRAILS: A Green Acres Theme Song Parody


Bike Trails are the place for me.
Car free pedaling is the life for me.
Miles of asphalt for me to travel.
Keep the freeway, just give me that cool gravel.

The Interstate is where I'd rather be.
I enjoy the speed you see.
I just adore that multi-lane heaven.
Honey I love you but give me Highway 67.

...The quiet.
...I don't buy it.
...Fresh air.

You are my wife.
Good bye, gas guzzling life.
Bike Trails we are there.

With apologies to the folks responsible for the classic TV Show Green Acres.;-D

With Gas prices hitting $3.85 a gal. here, Santa Ana, and averaging $3.50 nationwide, will see more folks finding other ways to commute? ;-D

If you aren't into duets, I've got some other songs. ;-D

Copyright April 2008.

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