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April 27, 2008

From England to Australia By Bicycle: A Video, and Photo Odyssey

All over the world people tour by bicycle, one state, one nation, one continent at a time.

Some go further.

Many of these adventurers share their tales online, sometimes years after the journey took place, when they finally find the time, and resources, to do so.

The latest to be brought to my attention is the following:

Bike2Oz is the unfolding story of a young school teacher who convinced her partner to cycle with her from Oxford to Sydney.Rather than damage the climate by flying, they choose to pedal the 12,000km hopping on cargo ships to get across the oceans. They partied for car free day in Italy, dodged arrest in Iran, get groped in Pakistan and fall ill in India.
Watch the series and find out if their relationship (and the planet) survived the epic trip?

Kevin and Lowanna filmed their entire 12,000km cycle adventure across the UK, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India,Singapore and finally Australia.

This journey was 8 years ago.

As they wrote:

As the effects of global warming grow, Government action decreases. We wanted to see the world while contributing as little as possible to its' destruction. We also wanted to search for solutions to the transport crisis and found the bicycle offered the best compromise. Both of us are very new to the virtues of the bicycle (having spent most of our lives on four wheels). We were excited to discover that cycling offers you the intimacy of a walk in the countryside combined with the ability to cover serious distances (at least fifty miles a day).

It is amazing how effortless cycling becomes when you swap the old '3 speed' for something designed for comfort

Not only did they record their adventure by video, but there is a blog, and photo collection, that shares the expedition in more detail.

The videos, and photos, are a stunning testiment to the beauty, and variety of the world they travelled, from the weather, roads, and cultures they encountered, to the health, and political dificulties they endured, and more.

What I truly enjoyed most were the wide variety of bicycles encountered in every country they passed through.

Agree, or disagree, about the issue of Global Warming, a visit with the story these travelers have to tell will be time well spent.

Bike2oz: Go Here first, then here for the 2500 photos, and more.

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It's been a while since I got to your site!

I really have to take a look at that travelog.

It sounds facinating.

Posted by: John | Apr 29, 2008 10:51:10 AM

Thanks for pointing this out.

What an amazing trip!

I am about to move from the UK to Australia and now you have me all concerned about the environmental impact.

Guess I better start saving for some carbon credits :-)

Posted by: thePig | Apr 29, 2008 11:19:49 AM

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