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May 31, 2008

An Overdue Thank You for a Podcast Mention

I'm late! I'm late! I'm late for a very im, oh wait, that's been done before, sorry. ;-D

Way back in the Fall, when my friend Fritz, of Cyclelicious, told me about mentioning me in a Podcast, I thanked him, and went to listen to this momentous event.

While aware of Podcasting, I had never listened to such a thing before, and was only just beginning to consider the notion of doing one myself.

There is a lot about the world of computers, and the things we use to bring our thoughts to the wider world that I don't fully understand, and so when I tried to listen to the show, and nothing happened, I figured there might be some expensive program I needed.

Ah, well, at least I could add a new list of links in the sidebar to Podcasts so others could enjoy them. ;-D

In the months since, as other friends began to encourage me to consider this (I'd bought certain gear, and added a program earlier in 2007.), and to finally get more serious about it.

I listened to my first podcast, this morning, and realized my original mis-understanding about what in my computer would allow me to listen, and immediately went to find that old show.

The Spokesmen is a Cycling Roundtable that has now seen 30 episodes since Aug. 2006, and its collection of regulars, and guests, moderated by David, has quite the following among cyclists.

What fun! What an interesting collection of discussions Episode 25, from Ocober 29th, 2008, was! ;-D

I especially enjoyed the ones about the legal issues faced by the statewide bike ride, Ragbrai, and customer service in bikeshops.

The 2nd thing I loved about this show was that I got to finally put a voice to Fritz, and to Carlton, of Bike Biz, a British site, and magazine, for the cycling industry, and the award winning BikeBlog Quickrelease.tv

While I've never mentioned Bike Biz, that I remember, I've found it always interesting,

I will be adding these links to the magazine list, and blogroll in the sidebar. ;-D

I wish to, again, say thank you to Fritz, and to The Spokesmen, for the mention of The Cycling Dude in this episode.

It was a brief mention of a story I did during all the fires last October:

Where there's Smoke, there's Fire: Should You Ride?

It truly does mean a lot to this ordinary cyclist, a non-expert unlike them, to be mentioned in such a forum.

When I began Dude over 5 years ago I set the following mission for myself:

"An ordinary road cyclist spreads the word and the word is BICYCLE!"

I've witnessed the BikeBlogosphere grow, and evolve since then, and maybe I'm finally ready to try to take a few evolutionary steps of my own. ;-D

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