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May 21, 2008

BART Says Welcome to Folding Bikes in Bay Area

Larry Lagarde, of Ride This Bike, reports:

Thinking about cycling in the San Francisco area? Here's some good news for you. Bay Area Rapid Transit is actually encouraging mass transit users to take folding bikes aboard their BART light rail network.

BART recently released a video profiling a woman cyclist that uses her folding bike in combination with rides on BART to commute and get around. The video is part of BARTtv News, an effort to communicate with more potential transit users via the Internet.

Larry links to the video, and includes the transcript of the story in case it doesn't work.

This a great news for users of Mass Transit in the Bay Area.

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seems like a great idea, and i'm in the market for a folding bike. i'm looking at these downtube bikes ... http://www.downtube.com/ss-index.html anyone know anything about good brands of folding bikes?

Posted by: Blake | Jun 2, 2008 8:35:24 PM

I think this is wonderful!

I live the DC area and just started commuting from MoCO to downtown DC using my new folding bike (the most awesome Dahon Speed Pro TT 2008 model) and the Marc train or Metro.

Marc train only allows folders, and Metro only allows folders during rush-hour (you can bring on full-size bikes during non-rushhour).

The BEST part about folders is that they add the ultimate flexibility to your commute.

I am no longer held hostage by broken-down trains or Metro accidents or having to get back to the Marc station where I left my car.

Now, when something happens, I can just hop off and ride the rest of the way.

I really don't know why more people aren't adding folders to their commute.

It just takes a little innovation and creativity and one can incorporate biking into their morning commute.

I arrive to work exercised and ready for the day, without the stress I would have had if I had sat on a train for the entire hour.

Posted by: AR | Aug 4, 2008 10:52:59 AM

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