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June 05, 2008

Pipeline Pirate: Cyclist, Hiker, Bold Adventurer, and All Around Nice Guy

As readers know I get my bike fixed at REI.

There are several of these fine establishments in Southern California, including at least 2 in the OC, and at one I've met an interesting chap in the Cycling Dept. who has helped me in more ways than with a flat tire.

Steve Kennedy is a fan of this blog, and has often told the customers he deals with about it, and helped me place my flier in the store.

Recently he invited me to be one of 2 speakers at a presentation he gave at the store.

It was there that I learned that Steve has been in preparation for one hell of a Grand Adventure. ;-D

He will soon be departing for a trip around the world, or across much of it anyway. ;-D

The first parts of his journey will be as part of 2 groups going to specific places for 2 specific purposes, one related to Astronomy, and the other to hiking.

After that there's hiking in Greece.

In October his bicycle will finally join him in Europe. ;-D

He hopes to travel around Europe on his bike, thru the end of  the year, at least, based on the time of his leave of absense from work, before coming back home.

He has set up a blog, and is learning how to use it, the better to share his journey with friends, family, and any other interested party that might come across it.

His Blog is called Freeway Soul, and there are only 8 posts so far, most back dated in order to tell his tale from the begining of planning, but it is a good start to what will be an interesting blog.

It all began on in November:

I'm starting this blog from the point when I made the decision to embark on this expedition. It took several weeks of thought and planning before I decided to go. I struggled with many issues. What about the unexpected? There wasn't any way at the time to foresee the complexity of this endeavor. Another problem was that I wasn't going to anounce that I was going and then cancel. If I say I'm going to do it, I will do it. It all started with a guy that came into the store at REI who was walking with a slight limp...

Planning for the first stages soon began.

Getting in shape was soon on the agenda:

Its fortunate that I have been commuting on a bicycle to work for the past five months. back in May I started a workout routine every morning to get myself in shape. The bike riding and workout routine has served me well so far but I need more. I will be the oldest member of the team going to base camp of Everest and I don't want to be the slowest.

In December he realized he wanted to do more than originally planned and, by May, also lost his taste for golf, too. ;-D

I thought this isn't that much fun anymore. I would rather be enjoying myself near a mountain stream or meeting some new interesting folks somewhere. Its funny how things change.

Yes, it IS funny how something happens that takes your life in directions you never dreamed possible. ;-D

He soon discovered the complications of using a laptop computer in a public place, especially the ones where the access is not free. ;-D

He asked me to help him understand a few things about this blogging thing, and so we met for breakfast the other day. ;-D

I wish him well on his trip, and will keep an eye on his blog, Freeway Soul, to see how things go. ;-D

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