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September 26, 2008

Turmoil on Wall St? Bicycles

Yup, Bicycles!

Invest in anything related to Bicycles!


If everything goes to Hell in a Handbasket next week, no-one's gonna have enough money to buy a drop of gas, or pay their car payment...

This means everyone will be riding bicycles to work by election day! ;-D

BTW...I don't know squat about investing. ;-D

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September 20, 2008

Massachusetts Town Gets Cranky with Child Cyclists

The state has laws concerning Helmet Use.

Section 11B 1/2. Any person 16 years of age or younger operating in line skates, a skate board, a scooter or other manually-propelled wheeled vehicle or riding as a passenger on any such manually-propelled vehicle on a public way, bicycle path or on any other public right-of-way shall wear a helmet. Such helmet shall fit the person's head and be secured by straps at all times while operating in line skates, scooters, skate board or other manually-propelled wheeled vehicle and shall meet the standards for helmets established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z 90.4) or subsequent standards or the Snell Memorial Foundation's 1984 standard for use in bicycling or subsequent standards. A violation of this section shall not be used as evidence of contributory negligence in a civil action.

A city or town shall not adopt any by-laws or ordinances to change the standards required by this section.

The town of Holliston has a perceived problem with the kiddies refusing to wear a helmet and, by extension, parents who don't encourage such use.

"We're not looking to take bikes away from the kids who forget their helmets," School Resource Officer David Gatchell told the Boston Globe. "This isn't something where we're looking to collect a hundred bikes. We don't want to seize bikes, but for the kids who repeatedly ignore the warnings, it will happen."

The department gives helmets, free, to kids who need them, but whose parents can't, or won't, spring for one at the store, and plans an awareness campaign about the law, and their enforcement effort.

Is confiscation a tad over the top?

It seems to me this might be Unconstitutional...unless they plan to give the bikes back at some point.

Will confiscation make the kids toe the line?

Kids, being kids, especially the more rebeliously inclined ones, that is an open question. ;-D

I think a fine, hitting the parents in the pocketbook, might be the better option.

It will certainly get the attention of the more responsible ones, but no doubt confiscation, or fines, might easily get the ACLU's dander up, as well.

Then again, some will say, don't the cops have something better to do than focusing valuable resources, and storage space, to teenage scoff laws on 2 wheels?

A Tip of the Hat to David Fiedler,  of About.com Guide to Bicycling.

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September 18, 2008

More Bicycle Racks in Philadelphia

The mayor of the City of Brotherly Bicycling has announced plans to install 1,400 new bike racks in the city starting this month.

Advocates said the racks would make it easier for bike commuters to park their rides, would clear the clutter of chained bicycles from city sidewalks, and would reduce inconvenience for pedestrians when bikes are hitched to parking meters and other poles.

Aparently the City Council made a rather, um, startling, discovery!

biking certain routes was quicker than driving.

You don't say! ;-D

Wow! The things one learns, these days, are amazing! ;-D

A study to consider Bike Sharing programs will also be undertaken.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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September 11, 2008

Cyclist Barely Survives Close Encounter in Montana

The message about safe navigation of our streets and highways apparently isn't reaching everyone it should. ;-D

So there's this teacher, see, he gets all bruised and scratched after he struck a bear while riding his bicycle to school, see, and one has to wonder how in the hell did THIS happen?

Was the bear at an intersection, and the cyclist ran the light as Smokey was crossing thru the crosswalk?

Was Smokey Jaywalking?

According to the story, in The Missoulian, it was apparently the second:

Jim Litz said he was traveling about 25 mph Monday morning when he came upon a rise and spotted a black bear about 10 feet in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and T-boned the bruin.

He tumbled over the handlebars, his helmet hit the bear's back and the two went cartwheeling down the road.

The bear rolled over Litz's head, cracking his helmet, and scratched his back before scampering up a hill above the road.

Teacher OK after crashing into bear on a bicycle.

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September 07, 2008

Photographing Abandoned Bicycles for Posterity

Joe Schumacher describes his effort this way:

New York has a lot of abandoned bicycles. I don't know why.

Do people forget the combinations or keys to their locks?

Do they forget they had a bike?

Most of the bikes pictured here are pretty cheap bikes.

Some of the bikes appear to have been abandoned long ago.

Consider this ever-growing photo album a way to remember those forgotten bicycles.

Awww, the poor, defenseless, little darlings! ;-D

An absolutely fascinating collection of photos.

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September 05, 2008

The Fat Cyclist Explains How to Talk to Non-Cyclists

Did you, fellow cyclist, know that there are 5 Rules with regards to how to talk to non-cyclists?

Me neither!

Ya learn something new every day! ;-D

Elden Nelson, The Fat Cyclist, sets out to edumicate us, over at Bike Radar:

Sadly, not everyone is like you and I. I am sad to say that there are people out there who rarely - if ever! - ride bikes at all. It's possible you even know someone like this. A coworker. A family member. You'd be surprised at how common non-cyclists are, actually. You probably encounter them several times per day and simply don't notice them, because they aren't interesting.

Mostly, you can safely ignore these people, simply by riding away from them. Sometimes, though - at a company party, say - it is impossible to avoid non-cyclists. Surrounded, you have no choice but to communicate with them.

Don't worry. I'm here to help.

Hee, hee. ;-D

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