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October 28, 2008

The Dutch and the Temptation of the Unlocked Bicycle

So there's this bicycle thief, see...

The cops set up an unlocked bicycle in a sting operation a few years back, and he ain't happey they did so.

So our low-life, was just hangin' out at the train station in Deventer, minding his own busines (He's a repeat practioner of thievery), when he says this poor, lonely, seemingly unwanted bike just appealed to good, kind, soft-hearted, helpful, nature...

What's a guy prone to taking things that don't belong to him to do?

His lawyers say the dude was tricked, enticed, ENTRAPPED!

That is not playing fair!!

The Dutch Supreme Court has rejected the lawyers arguement.

As the article reports:

Tuesday's court ruling said placing an unlocked decoy bike didn't make the suspect do anything he had not intended doing beforehand.

The station was being plagued by thefts, and the cops did the logical thing in an effort to catch the miscreants.

Good for them! ;-D

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October 27, 2008

Amputee Blogger Spends 4.5 hrs. on Stationary Bike For Charity

One of Southern California's best, most respected, Bloggers is Keven Korenthal.

It is one of greatest shames that his longtime, popular, blog, SoCal Pundit, was shut down by despicable hackers, a while back.

One of the great things about his old blog was that he occasionally wrote about bicycling.

He now is a respected contributor to Red County, a well known Right of Center, national website.

Well, yesterday I received the following in my e-mail, from Kevin:

Image006 Today I joined 200 riders and countless staff and friends at the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation Tour de Cove fundraiser.

The event which included a half Triathlon (in which I did not participate) and a 4 ½ hour stationary bike ride event (which I did) that included various spin instructors and participation by various “celebrity” amputees.

Some of the stars that each participated in the Spinathon (as well as parts of the half triathlon included Sarah Reinertsen, Major David Rozelle and Oscar Sanchez.

While they cycled on stationary bikes and hand cycles positioned on the stage, I and 200 non-amputees did our thing on bikes facing the stage.

Of all the amputees that attended and participated today, only one of them spun for the whole 4.5 hours.


It was tough work and I was exhausted by the time it was all done. But I put my all into it because I want everyone who donated money to CAF in my name to feel they real got the most for their hard earned dough.

It felt pretty great when the MC announced the fact at the end of the ride. I felt like I really accomplished something today.

Which reminds me, just because this event is over does not mean you can’t still donate to the effort.

Go here, to my page, to donate if you have not already

And don’t forget, I still have the Solvang Metric Century coming up. 65 grueling (but scenic) miles of 8% grades, switch-backs and blind corner descents await me on November 15, 2008.

Way to go Kevin!!! ;-D

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Of Pickles and Bicycles

I just felt silly, this morning.

I haven't blogged much of late, hell, I haven't rode my bike in a couple of months, and so I Googled "Pickle Bicycle"

It's fascinating what even what you might think would be the silliest of searches on Google will turn up. ;-D

On the blog Digital Lemonade, there is a cute little poem that mentions the two. ;-D

Jaime writes on her blog about the search to replace the bikes of her kids after they were stolen, in a piece she calls...I Don't Want A Pickle..I Just Want To Ride On My Bicycle.

The writer of Fixbert, "a blog about track bikes, fixed gear bicycles, comics, illustration, random acts of awesomeness!",  has a confession to make...

My Name is Sally. I Drink Pickle Juice for leg cramps. ;-D

Then there is video of Pickles, the Parrot on a Bike! ;-D

Oh, and one more thing!

There's even a song you can sing!

Brian Kinder and his Pickle Bicycle Song! ;-D

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The Real Reason Bicycle Shorts are Black

Ever wondered why bicycle shorts are always black?

They are everywhere!

What's the fashion conscious male cyclist to do?

For some folks another color might not be a problem, but, um, based on the evidence, THIS cyclist will stick to what he wears already (not shorts). ;-D

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October 21, 2008

Phun With Photography at GT Bicycles

It's Hunting Season in many parts of the United States, and elsewhere.

Some folks hunt the Animal Kingdom's fine-feathered friends.

Some folks hunt Bears, Deer, Moose, Democrats, Republicans, and other critters that taste good served for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. ;-D

GT Bicycles caters to an entirely different type of Hunter, and their prey. ;-D

Are you the Hunter or the Hunted?

Do you have a License to Hunt?

I had a bit of fun, to start the day, with their Catch and  Release Funny Photo gimmick. ;-D

This photo shows me "Hunting" "Bob Hope" on the Highway.;-D

Put a little laughter in your day, or someone else's. ;-D

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October 20, 2008

Pedaling While Plastered: Is there a Law?

Attorney Craig Renetzky, a  Criminal Attorney and DUI Specialist in Los Angeles, makes a point on his new blog that many cyclists may not be aware of, whether in Ca., or other states:

The law states that bicyclists are subject to the same rights as other vehicles, which conversely means they are subject to the same penalties, including DUI in California.

The California Vehicle Code states that it is unlawful for a person to ride a bicycle on a highway while under the influence of alcohol or any drug.

His blog is meant to bring attention to his business, I'm sure, but that doesn't make his point any less important.

He writes that a first time DUI offense is typically filed as a misdemeanor.

He says the penalties can include fines and mandatory community service.

A conviction remains on some sort of personal DMV record for 3 years.

Check the law in your own state to see how the state treats drunk driving cyclists.

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October 11, 2008

Rock and Roll Icon Digs Dude Parody!

I often find my poetic inspiration from the works of others, and last December I wrote a piece with humble apologies to Jake Hooker and Alan  Merrill (Listen and enjoy!), hee, hee. ;-D

So you don't have to go to the original post here, in all its glory, is...

I Love to Get on a Bike and Go, Go, Go!

I saw her parked in the store showroom
I was sure her speed must a been at least 17
She looked so sleek and so strong
I knew I could ride her all day long
That feeling inside wasn't wrong
And soon she was with me, yeah me, as I was singin'

I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So let's hit the road, baby!
I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So come on and roll with me!

She gleamed in the sun and I gave her a name
I'll call you Cleopatra, I smiled,
'Cause to not would be a shame

Said, I'll take you on a long trip alone

Next we were movin' down the street
She was with me, yeah me, as I was singin'
I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So let's hit the road, baby!
I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So come on and roll with me!

Said, I'll take you on a long trip alone

And we'll be rollin' on
And I'll be singin' that same old song
Yeah, I'll be singin'

I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So let's hit the road, baby!
I Love to get on a bike and go, Go, GO!
So come on and roll with me!


In the time that has passed since I wrote the above I've had one comment.

Long time commentor, friend, and encourager of my creative writing, Jaspar, wrote..."Not bad, but hang on to your day job." ;-D

Last week a 2nd opinion was expressed, and that is what I wish to share with you, dear reader, today...

I awoke, on Monday, October 6th, to the following in my e-mail:

A new comment from “Alan Merrill” was received on the post “I Love to Get on A Bike and Go, Go, Go!” of the weblog “The Cycling Dude”.


Funny! Thanks!!


Alan Merrill

Commenter name: Alan Merrill

I sat there, looking at the screen, wondering if I was still asleep, and imagining things, but a check of the website convinced me this was legit.

So I wrote a thank you, and included a couple of questions:

Dear Mr. Merrill,

Thank You so very, very, much!!

Your kind compliment absolutely made my day, hell, my week! ;-D

A few years ago I re- discovered a talent for creative writing not tapped for a couple of decades, since my school days, and discovered a talent for poetry/song, as well.

From time to time I find my inspiration in the wonderful works of others, and that day, last December, it was the turn of you and Mr. Hooker. ;-D

On my BikeBlog, and my other Blog, Musings of a Mad Macedonian, for 6 years now, these pieces find a home for others to discover and enjoy.

The creators of the pieces that inspire me are either long since dead or, I figured, until your note arrived, leading busy lives that would in no way lead them to discover what had been done by little ol' me, with my miniscule readerships.

Getting reactions from either camps, under those circumstances, is something one hardly expects, hee, hee! ;-D

So that begs 2 questions:

1. How in the heck DID you find me, anyway?

2. What is it about my little piece that makes it funny in your eyes?

As a budding writer, I am always open to constructive criticism, and praise, for my humble efforts, but have rarely gotten either. ;-D

Sincerely yours,


That evening I received a response:

Hi Kiril,

Well it might be my regional heritage (mid-south-Europe) being close to yours, and a resulting similar sense of humour!

How I found you?

I simply look for any cover versions of "I love rock n roll" that my publisher might have overlooked, and your piece came up.

I thought it was clever and wanted to thank you for taking the time to write a parody to my olde tune.

I thought it was very inventive!



Now, just how very cool was that? ;-D


Imagine that, an, um, 70's era Rock and Roller having a similar sense of humor to someone who played the Violin for 8 years in school, in the 70's and, as a result loves Classical, Big Band, Swing, and Instrumental Jazz over the music his peers went bonkers over (Such as the music of said Rock and Roller, um, hee, hee!). ;-D

Will wonders never cease? Hee, hee! ;-D

As I wrote him back I find interesting his explanation for finding me.

It makes perfect sense, and I can imagine other performers, and song writers, being just as interested in such things.

Anyway I thanked him again for the compliments, and taking the time to write to me.

It truly means a lot to me.

Some have looked askance at me for my blogging all these years ( 3 blogs over 6 years, 1 retired after 5 1/2 ).

I love to write, what can I say, whether its about bicycling or, on my other blog, my opinions, or on genealogy, cats, books, movies, and TV, and on a whole host of other interests, including writing poetry, and fiction.

My traffic may be miniscule, but I've built a reputation of sorts, especially with the Dude, and developed some interesting friendships, and had some amazing correspondences, over the years.

The friendships, correspondences, being interviewed by a local weekly, consulted by an author of a book, then quoted in the finished product, being invited to be a part of the new "Citizen Press Corp" of the Orange County Pacific Symphony (Unpaid! I get free tickets to concerts I want to attend, then I blog about them!)...all make this hobby interesting, and well worthwhile for me, even if I make little money from it (My 1ST payment from Google Adsense FINALLY came in, last week, hee, hee! $101 whoo hoo!!!).

I plan to print a copy of my December Post, and his comments about it, and get a frame later in the month.

That frame will then go on my wall with pride.

There are millions of bloggers, world-wide, who plug away, daily, or weekly, in obscurity, on every subject under the sun, and it is my hope that this story will encourage them to keep it up because there are interesting, and interested, people out there, unknown to you, who are reading your work...

And one day you might hear from someone...and who knows where that contact may lead? ;-D

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October 10, 2008

California Has Car Chases, Oregon Has Bicycle Chases

Okaaayyy..... ;-D

A bicyclist led a state trooper on a 5-mile, slow-speed chase on Highway 58 east of Eugene, prompting troopers to set up a roadblock and tackle the cyclist to make him stop.

Fome the story it appears this fine upstanding citizen must have been a few pumps short of a properly filled tube. ;-D

Oregons Finest on the job! ;-D

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October 06, 2008

At Long Last Google Ads Pay off!

It's taken a very long while but, finally... enough people have clicked on the Google Ads, over the years, on both my blogs, that Google Adsense finally felt obliged to send me my 1st Reward. ;-D

Last week I found a check for the astronomical amount of $101.19!

My shock over this developement was not the reason for my recent lack of blogging, though, my friends.

My job is moving from Huntington Beach to Long Beach, which means a longer commute for me, and I've been caught up in watching the election debates, and watching the Wall St. Bailout  coverage, like everyone else.

I know that everyone is excited by one aspected of the new "Rescue" Package that was passed, but I have a different take on it that I will be researching this week, so stay tuned. ;-D

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