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October 27, 2008

Of Pickles and Bicycles

I just felt silly, this morning.

I haven't blogged much of late, hell, I haven't rode my bike in a couple of months, and so I Googled "Pickle Bicycle"

It's fascinating what even what you might think would be the silliest of searches on Google will turn up. ;-D

On the blog Digital Lemonade, there is a cute little poem that mentions the two. ;-D

Jaime writes on her blog about the search to replace the bikes of her kids after they were stolen, in a piece she calls...I Don't Want A Pickle..I Just Want To Ride On My Bicycle.

The writer of Fixbert, "a blog about track bikes, fixed gear bicycles, comics, illustration, random acts of awesomeness!",  has a confession to make...

My Name is Sally. I Drink Pickle Juice for leg cramps. ;-D

Then there is video of Pickles, the Parrot on a Bike! ;-D

Oh, and one more thing!

There's even a song you can sing!

Brian Kinder and his Pickle Bicycle Song! ;-D

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