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November 22, 2008

Bummed No More! Bumstead's Online Again, Prepares for 100th!

In February 2005, I was disappointed to learn that the Oldest Bicycle Shop in SoCal and possibly the oldest bike shop in America continuously owned by one family, being run by the 4th and 5th generation and carrying on the family name as well, had lost its presence online, though I was assured it would someday return.

Someday is here.

While it is in the form of a Blog, for now, I hear there are big plans ahead for 2009.

I grew up in the Inland Empire, between La Verne and Rancho Cucamonga, from 1960 to 2002, and my 2 favorite Bike Shops just happened to be the 2 oldest in the region. ;-D

I only went to Bumstead's a few times, over the years, favoring its younger competitor, since it was closer to home, but I could count on quality, in service, and product from them when I did go.

Anyway, the still, very much, developing Blog, run by industry insider, and cycling author, Randy Kirk (More on him in a future post.), has 3 entries so far, that introduce 2 generations of Bumstead's, and a bit of Company/Family History, to the visitor.

Lloyd is the 4th Generation to run this shop, based in Ontario, Ca., and there is something very special about that fact:

One of the oldest bicycle shops in America, and possibly the oldest continuously owned by one family, Bumstead's Bicycles opened its doors in 1909.

On the verge of closing some 20 years ago, Lloyd Bumstead, the forth generation owner, changed career paths and decided to keep the shop in family hands.

His son, and/or daughter, representing the 5th generation, may eventually follow in his footsteps, but for now, the son, Garrison spends some time working there.

There is a nice little 4 min. video of Lloyd walking around the shop talking up the merchandise, and another of Garrison giving a 1 min. plug for one of their top selling Bike Models.

Some folks assume that Corporate always equals Quality, and that small, and non-fancy, should be steered clear of.

Well, they are often wrong, as far as I'm concerned.

The stores I went to in my youth were, and still are, "1 Shop Wonders", but I mean that in a good way.

You want product, they got it.

You want excellent repair work, they provide it.

You want knowledgeable, friendly, owners, and employees, who often know generations of their customers, and are involved with the community?

Well, you get the picture.

Family run shops, and small shops with decades invested in their communities, attract a loyal following who keep coming back for more (Even if they do occasionally backslide, from time to time, for some reason or another, and sneak off elsewhere.), and this somehow enables the small shops to survive having bigger competitors in the region, and sometimes seeing those competitors die out.

Here's to the return of an Online Presence for Bumstead's, and to an honored place in my List of Elder Statesmen in the sidebar, and I hope this early Birthday Present of a plug encourages the continued growth of that face to the world, in their 100th year! ;-D

 ****UPDATE - May 2017****

They did it!!! The blog continued into 2015, but in the meantime they opened up a new website, even sharing their history a bit.


****END UPDATE****


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