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December 12, 2008

From One End of Norway to the Other on a Highwheeler!

Highwheeler Jan Paulsen loves 19th century Bicycles (He's got several, not to mention old Motorcycles.).

This past summer he rode a Highwheeler from Northcape to Lindesnes, all of Norway lengthwise, in 31 days.

90 kilometres a day.

Some might call this enterprising Norwegian a madman.

He certainly looks, and dresses, the part of someone some folks might call eccentric. ;-D

I call him marvelous, fun, and brave. ;-D

I want to ride one of those contraptions someday! ;-D

I hear you say..."Why should I check out his website, and related pages, I can't read, or understand, bloody, freakin' Norwegian!

The pictures, dear reader, the pictures!

Oh, and this short, but glorious, video (It takes a minute, or so, to load on Windows Media Player.) ;-D

The looks on pedestrians faces are priceless. ;-D

Go, now, spend some time with the ancestor of your trusty modern steed, and  join Jan on his journey,  ;-D

Then explore the rest of what his site has to offer.

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Although a great fan of the vintage bicycle, I'm not sure I could muster enough guts to get on one of those things!

He looks at ease though doesn't he?

Posted by: Dan | Dec 16, 2008 9:30:46 PM

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