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December 08, 2008

Support Your Local Bicycle Shop

One of the 1st posts I ever wrote on this blog was on January 17, 2003:

Before the Bicycle Chain ( pun definitely intended! ) Conglomerates There Were the Family Shops of an Independant Nature.

Do you remember your 1st visit to a bicycle shop?

Did your family buy their bikes and get them repaired at the same shop, generation after generation?

Do you take YOUR kids to the same shop for their cycling needs?

Do you consider the owners, and employees to be friends?

ARE they family?

There are bicycle shops in this country that have been in business since the 1890's, and 1909, and there are also dedicated individuals like Richard Francis Sr. who I wrote about in 2006:

For nearly 80 years, he sold, repaired and fixed up bicycles, either in his Philadelphia store or, since 1976, at his backyard bike shop in Holt.

Francis, who died Wednesday at the age of 94, truly earned the nickname "The Bicycle Man."

I have a Blogroll, and years worth of posts dedicated to honoring these businesses, and individuals, The Elders of the Cycling Business.

I've had a standing invitation for people to send me tips for further stories, and links, and sometimes have wondered if anyone but me even cared.

I love history...so sue me. ;-D

A few folks have responded over the years, and I have thanked them...but it has been a while. ;-D

The other day I got an e-mail:

Hi, I am a reader of your blog and a fellow Bicycle Blogger. 

I am trying to start a campaign among cyclists to get them to support their local bike shops during this holiday season.

The current economic crisis is hurting many businesses including local bike shops.  These local businesses will not receive government bailouts like the Wall Street Banks and auto companies. If these small business go under, they may not come back.  You will miss them in the Spring when they are not there, so support them this winter as you do your holiday shopping. 

I wrote a post about supporting local bike shops on my blog, The BicycleSpokesman.

Please spread the word among your readers about supporting their local bike shops and consider linking to my post.



Well, how DO you do!

This was interesting. ;-D

Bgun in March 2008, this blog has a particular purpose in mind:

I am an avid bicyclist.

The BicycleSpokesman is a blog focused on bicycling with an emphasis on bicycle touring.  Posts will discuss tour companies, choosing a tour, types of tours, rides, training, bicycles, new products and other bicycling related topics.

This blog had done a good job of providing a steady stream of interesting posts so far, and it is one from late November that prompted the writer to contact me:

In the current economic crisis, many small business are suffering.  Most local bike shops are small businesses.  In fact bike shops are one of the few small businesses that have not been crushed by big box retailers and national chains...

The current credit crises is hurting many bikes shops. 

Due to the seasonality of bike sales, credit is very important to their business. 

Inventory is expensive and often the bikes are in the shop for many months before they are sold. 

Bike shops also need to place their orders way in advance, so that the manufacturers can fill the orders.

What can you do to help? 

Support your local shop.

Mike shares his thoughts on just how you can do that and, even if, like me, you sometimes find yourself frequenting REI, or some other Chain Store.

There are still going to be times when you can make a good case for preferring the local shop instead.

Visit The BicycleSpokesman and read the rest of Support Your Local Bike Shop.

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