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January 28, 2009

Are Helmet Laws turning Aussies off of Bicycling?

Are they lazy?

Are they Cost Conscious?

Are they afraid of making the wrong fashon statement?

Statistician and avid cyclist Dorothy Robinson has pondered this conundrum.

She reckons that repealing laws passed in the 1990s requiring cyclists to wear helmets would get bikes out of garages and onto the roads.

Robinson noted that in the two years after the law was passed, bicycle use was halved.  

Cyclists find the laws a bother because helmets are expensive, easily stolen, mess up your hair and are of marginal help in reducing injuries in traffic accidents.

No one looks better in a helmet.

The reasons are probably as numerous as the cyclists. ;-D

No-one looks better?

How would you look after an accident w/o a helmet?

Yes, one might not help much in certain accidents, but...

I prefer to use a helmet rather than have no protection at all.

For more - Monsters & Critics.

Robinson wrote her piece in 2006, I learned, from a Google Search, and one must either be a member of the site, or buy the article to read it in full.

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Maybe it's just a matter of affording a helmet. It's hard to have a law where it's a requirement, and then having to save for a really good helmet.

Posted by: Ajlouny | Apr 26, 2009 7:27:07 PM

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