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January 04, 2009

Former Pol has D'oh Moment While Out for a Bike Ride

So there's this former Fort Lauderdale city commissioner, see...

Recently he had his bike snatched while trying to help at a car crash!.

Tim Smith said he saw the traffic accident while cycling.

So he leaves his bike on the sidewalk and rushes to help.

After finding no-one to be hurt, he went to retrieve his bike, and noticed something very peculiar...

 No bike!

To add insult to injury, Smith — as a commissioner — was one of those responsible for a citywide bike registration program that helps the cops track stolen bikes...

But, um, when he called the police to report his own stolen bike...he had to admit it was not registered.

Can you say OOPS! ?

I KNEW you could! ;-D

From AP Story = Man who aided bicycle theft plan has bike stolen

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