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January 23, 2009

Short Story on Serfas Short Shorts


I get e-mails...

Hi Kiril

I am writing to see if you would be interested in testing / reviewing some of our product.

I have your Blog bookmarked and enjoy reading about your latest conquests on your bike.

In 2008 we spent a great deal of time and energy developing a new gel cycling short.

What I have is the first production run that I would like you to try out and give your feedback on. With Spring and Summer approaching, we need to get some feedback so we can make inline changes to improve on the shorts, if needed.  

If you are interested in this opportunity, let me know.

James Thomas



Hey, I'm game!
Even if I've never worn such things before! ;-D

I am flattered to be asked, though I'm hardly in racing "trim", and wouldn't come close to being considered as a bicycling magazines idea of cover model material. ;-D

For 15 years Serfas has been manufacturing, and selling a variety of cycling products, including apparel, from its base in Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca., here in Orange County.


So when I got my shorts a couple of days later, and sat there looking at the little darlings, I just had to laugh as I wondered what they would feel like to wear, and how I'd look.

The whole notion appealed to my sense of humor. ;-D


80% Nylon, 20% Spandex, made in the good ol' US of A from imported fabrics, I sat there looking admittedly rather skeptically, at all that Blue gel padding in the, um, important places, and made plans for giving the shorts a work out.

Having never worn such shorts before it was initailly very uncomfortable squirming my Size 38 behind into the Size L.

Just how high up do I pull these things, and how much does that elastic waist band stretch, anyway?


Suddenly it felt like my, um, package had been shoved all the way up to my lungs! ;-D

It was initally very uncomfortable walking around my living room, and out to my garage to get my bike.

Looking at myself in the mirror I felt very self-conscious, about my figure in these very form-fitting shorts. ;-D

Then I started riding.

On the day I took these photos I road maybe 10 miles, much of it on the Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail, in Santa Ana.

Over all I have worn them for 60 miles of riding.


The more I rode the more comfortable I became riding in them, and being seen in public in my "tights". ;-D

No-one gave me the once-over with lingering gazes of either unbridled lust, or utter disgust, and no-one laughed. ;-D

The shorts, while still tight feeling, felt more comfortable to wear the more they were put thru their paces.

My "package", while still feeling like it was stuffed in the tiniest box imaginable, no longer felt like it was trying bypass my lungs, and exit my throat. ;-D

With that gel material down there His Royal Highness definitely felt cushioned, & protected, just hemmed in. ;-D

I like the look of the shorts, and the feel of the material, and the feeling on my legs, and butt, was a nice one.

I felt OK riding in them the more I did so.

The, um, bottom line, however, comes down to just how comfortable a guy feels wearing something so tight.

Wearing the next size up, if possible, might take care of some of the comfort issues, or might not as, again, it comes down to the comfort level with all that tight.

I'll end by welcoming Serfas to the tiny community of Orange County BikeBlogs, and hope they do more with it than just plug their products.

As riders in the OC, and active in the cycling community, and industry, they have a chance to do so much more with this platform by way of reaching out, and spreadng the joy of cycling.

As for the shorts...like the bike I reviewed in 2007, I'll be making a donation, either to Goodwill, or the Salvation Army. ;-D


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I wear those types of shorts often. But I also always wears something light over them. Pants, nylon shorts or something like that.

Posted by: John | Jan 24, 2009 1:07:21 PM

Hey Dude,

I saw this post as I was having my morning coffee here in Prague.

I like the look.

It's California.

Now just get a tight stretch tank top and you will be ready for Malibu.

Posted by: Steve kennedy | Feb 2, 2009 3:00:22 AM

Hey, thanks for the pics of your butt. I'm going to give up cycling now.

I don't wear the tight stuff without a light layer over top. I'm not as attractive as you are in those things, but I'm still worried I'd be constantly propositioned for sex.

Thanks for the review.

Posted by: jim | Aug 21, 2009 11:39:20 AM

Dear Jim:

You are very welcome but, if the mere sight of my spiffy looking Ass, in tights, so shocks you that you simply must give up cycling forever, then so be it.

However, from your comment, I think there are ways you can get around making this unneccesary lifestyle choice.

1. If you are worried about being propositioned for sex, then only ride your bike in places where you will only be propositioned by those of the opposite sex (It will help your self-esteem.), or just don't wear tight shorts anymore.

In other words, if you continue to wear tights...avoid West Hollywood, The Castro in San Francisco, and other similar neighborboods. ;-D

2. Continue to ride your bike every day and, you too, will eventually develope an attractive Ass just like mine! ;-D

Posted by: Kiril The Cycling Dude | Aug 21, 2009 2:48:12 PM

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