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February 04, 2009

BikeBlogging Finally Gets Brain in Gear!

Well, actually Bicycle Retailer And Industry News decides to bravely go where it never thought it would go before!

BRAIN Blog is being billed as a collaborative effort, of the BRAIN staff, that will share a steady stream of news analysis, commentary and expanded multimedia event coverage, not to mention tapping into reader opinion about what's affecting the industry now.

Editor Megan Tompkins expresses her fears and skepticism about the world of Blogging, and the other tools of the New Media, while also acknowledging the great influence Blogs, and by extention BikeBlogs, often have.

For dyed-in-the-wool print media folks like us, entering this space is a bit scary. It forces us to write on our feet, turn off (or at least turn down) the editorial filter and reveal a more personal side of the industry and of ourselves. Moreover, we have to figure out how to incorporate this free-flowing approach into what we already do well—covering industry news.

While we’re smart about publishing and savvy about news reporting, we’re not experts on this new media stuff.

No expert? Joint the crowd! ;-D

When I began blogging, in 2002, and then with this blog in 2003. I had to learn so much, and count my blessings that I had a friend to help me get on my feet those 1st 2 years.

They will have no problem learning what works for them and, unlike me, and many others in the BikeBlogosphere, they have the time, resources, and connections to use the wonderful platform of their place in the Cycling Industry to stake out an important place in the BikeBlogging Community.

As I wrote, earlier this morning...

I am proud to say that BikeBlogging has come into its own, the last 3 years, with many bloggers, because of their knowledge, time, connections, and resources, doing things with their blogs, and thru podcasting, and YouTube, that I can never do, and thus reaching masses of people that I can never reach.
Brain, right out the gate, has the potential to contribute much to our community.
I've added links to the blog, and the main website, to my sidebar.

Read her piece: BRAIN Enters a Brave New Media World

Visit the Blog here.

A Tip of the Hat to Cyclelicious! ;-D



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