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February 19, 2009

Cycling Dude Speaks To the Riverside Bicycle Club

Last month I was invited to speak before the 117 year old Riverside Bicycle Club, at its February meeting.

Well, yesterday, the moment arrived! ;-D

It was a grand adventure that demanded to be told in a unique, and entertaining way.

So I Tweeted it! ;-D

Well, I took notes, and Tweeted the adventure this morning. ;-D

Got something to say, or a series of somethings? You have 140 characters to play with per 'tweet'! ;-D

In this post I will add pictures to the story I had to tell.

So let the adventure begin!


Cld hv tkn bus from Orange but didn't want 2 risk a full bike rack b4 I even got started! Biked from Anaheim Hills to Corona

Riding past Yorba Reg Park on a breezy, warm, clear day, looking @ the bounties of nature that the park presents 2 entice U

Approaching where River trail comes up 2 street & see 1st signs of last yrs Yorba fire & its affects on 2 miles of river bed


A riverbed normally choked with trees, & Vegitation is now a mix of charred trees, untouched brush, and recovering greenery.

 I was 7 miles into the ride, and marveling at how the fire avoided messing with the homes, and businesses nearby.

Pedaling thru Featherly Reg Pk. on last Stretch of Santa Ana Riv Bike Trail, Cing more fire damage, & stirrings of recovery.


Almost ran over Bugs Bunny! Cwazy Jaywalking Wabbit! Doesn't he know he needs 2 stop, & look both ways B4 pullin this stunt?

Oh, and about that Wascally Wabbit, and my almost flattening the miscreant? Shhhh...DON'T TELL PETA!!!

The 3 mi thru the park 2 the Golf course exit take U on a nice ride past the flowin river, but I would'nt ride here at nite.

The short climb up Greenspot Rd. is a Bee Eye Tee, um, a neccessary evil, yeah, that's it! I mean it's the only way out! ;-D


Your reward 4 reaching the top, overlooking the 91 frwy.? A gorgeous view eastward, on a clear day, of snow topped Big Bear!

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal, just look @ snowy Mt. Baldy & Big Bear! Oh how U, & your companions, inspire me, my precious beauties!!

Livin so close 2 the San Gabr & San Bernardino Mtns is 1 of few things I miss abt livin the 1st 42 yrs. of my life in Pomona

2 hours & almost 15 miles after starting out I catch the bus to Riverside, in Corona, and settle in for an hour rest.

6pm...Arrive in historic Downtown Riverside, pedal around 4 10 min., and finally arrive at my destination...The Coffee Depot

Coffee Depot in landmark bldg...San Pedro, LA, & Salt Lake RR Dep, (1904), names chngd 2 Union Pacific 1921, last train '71.

Love Mission Revival Architecture? You'll have an orgasm over this splendid specimen! ;-D

Locked my bike 2 light pole near entrance of Restuarant, went inside, & met my host, the Prez of the Riverside Bicycle Club.

Room is filling! Oh, my fragile nerves!

Introduced 2 some folks, & find myself relaxing, & feeling a bit more comfortable. 1st major talk! Other was 4 6 people! ;-D

Plan 2 nite ride home via Corona, Chino, & Dia. Bar (20-30mi.), catching bus in Brea. Talked out by former Club Prez W/truck

 I pass out my card 2 the 33 people in attendance just B4 the meeting gets under way. Show my blog to someone with a laptop!

Meeting gets under way @ 7pm. Several bits of club biz R covered, & Local Trail issues are discussed along W/upcoming rides.

It is clear that this century Plus old club, oldest west of Miss. River, is very involved in the community, & gets results!

The club is small, w/116 members, but their impact is huge. Local paper wants them 4 a photo 4 story on Santa Ana Riv Trail.

Finally the BIG EVENT! The moment we have all been waiting for! Please welcome The Cycling Dude!


Oh, my nerves! My knees, they is a knockin'! Butterflies R making like the pelaton at the Ca. Marathon! Where are my notes??

So here I stand. In front of 33 people, many with more cycling experience, & knowledge, than I will ever have. God help me!

Why did I remember to bring an extra sweater...but not an extra pair of shorts??? I must be getting senile in my old age!

I clutched my notes, & began by asking how many knew what blogs were (Small show of hands), & heard of BikeBlogs (3 people)

 I talked about how I got into BikeBlogging as 1 of the 1st 2 do so, in Jan. '03, & got my first laughs with the telling. ;-D

That laughter settled me down, & I continued with a bit more confidence, talking about pride in inspiring others to BikeBlog

I talked abt the growth of BikeBlog niche via YouTube, Podcasting, & now Twitter, & how the Industry finally found it useful

Got laughs telling how Twitter allows us 2 try 2 express our BikeLove, in its variety & splendor, in 140 characters or less!

 I talked about the controversies, debates, and correspondences 6 years of my Bikeblogging have stimulated.

Talked of interestin peeps I've encountered, from authors/journalists, 2 meetin Billy Savage, Gary Fisher, & Charlie Kelly.

Rive_Trip6Talked about stories I've written, the issues covered, the resources listed in my sidebar, & those links value 2 cyclists.

Stressed how there R so many valuable resources 4 cyclists, children, & adults, on the net & how so few seem 2 B aware of it

Ended with a bit of culture by reading 3 of my Bicycling Poems, includin 1 parody praised by the writer of the original song

Took questions, and finally sat down to a warm, and very satisfying, round of applause.

I'm ALIVE!!! I dood it! I stood up in front of a large group of people with no clue who I was, or what 2 expect, & survived!

After the meeting the Club Prez took a group pic with me for the club, and I chatted with club members with more questions.

One young club member told me I was an inspiration to him, and I was as much embarrased, as honored by his words. ;-D

30 min. in front of an audience? 10yrs. ago I would never of dreamed such a thing. This will allow me 2 do better next time.

Will there be a next time? I hope so. I believe so! Someday, somewhere. ;-D

My ride back 2 a bus stop in Orange was taken up by a nice chat with a kindred spirit when it comes to some cycling issues.

Dinner at Carl's Jr.. On last leg home pedaled past Hispanic cyclist, helmeted, with lites front & back, ON THE SIDEWALK! ??

1130 pm, and the day, including 20 miles of cycling, comes to an end. And what a day it was!

Thank you Riverside Bicycle Club for inviting me to speak before you!

It was an honor, and a pleasure! ;-D

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