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February 25, 2009

You Adore Your Bicycle, Admit It!: The Sequel

In August 2006 I wrote a poem called THE MAN AND THE BICYCLE, as part of a post about how you know you are a Bicyclist, and utterly adore your Trusty Steed.

Along with the poem I wrote a few observations that would make any short list answering the question You Know You're a Bicyclist When . . ., and tossed in an amusing photo of me and my Bicycle, for good measure (The same one at the top of my sidebar, only larger.).

I also linked to an excellent essay on the subject by Megan Ann, of Ausin, TX., who is still blogging to this day. ;-D

When she discovered my post, 2 months later, she left this comment in response:

Ha ha....how sweet that you read to your bike and pull up the covers for him. thanks for including some stuff I wrote in your post.

Enjoy your riding - your bike should be ready after a good nites sleep! :-)

Well, David Fiedler, on his Bike Blog, at About.com, recently started a list, and has encouraged his readers to come up with their own additions.

My contributions to his List are...

You Know You're a Cyclist When . . .

1. You take your bike in for its annual phys, um, I mean tune-up, the first thing you say when the Doc, um, I mean, Mechanic comes to tell you the news is...Level with, man, don't hold back, I can take it. Will He/She live?

2. If you have the talent for it, and even if you don't, you write poems to your bicycle, or at least ABOUT bicycling, and read them to your silent, & uncritical, Trusty Steed.

3. You have been going to the same Bike Shop for so long that the owner, or at least 1 employee, can share war stories about changing your diapers, and feeding you, when your Father worked there during his, and your Mothers, college years. (This one can be scary to contemplate if your shop is one of the ones on my list of Elder Statesmen & Women of the Industry, in my sidebar, all 67 to 116 years old, and you are at least 67 yourself!)

You ADORE your Bicycle, ADMIT IT!! ;D

The Comments, here, and at my original post as well, are always open, and awaiting your confession! ;-D

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