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March 31, 2009

Award Winning Bike Doc About Stupid Hippie Capitalists Finally Gets Trailer

I get e-mail:

Hey There,

As you may or may not know, KLUNKERZ won the '2009 Cycling Film of the Year' at the Endurance Sports Awards at Sea World in San Diego.
It's pretty crazy, considering how long I've been out there with the film, but with no marketing or advertising budget it takes awhile (even years!) for people to find out about these things:). Such is the way with independent filmmaking.
Anyway, I realized that I never really put a decent trailer together, so know I've finally done it.
It's very homegrown in style, not unlike the film itself.
With this in mind, it is my hope that you enjoy it for a few minutes, then pass it on to some good friends.
I want to say a special thanks to everyone who has supported me on this ride. It's been a very long journey and, with any luck, it's not nearly over. Thanks again, everybody. 

Ride on,
Billy Savage
I have just watched the Trailer, and wish to share it with you, the readers of The Cycling Dude.
In January I had the honor of being invited by the director to a screening in Escondito, Ca.
It was eye-opening, and a joy, and a pleasure.
I not only got to meet, and briefly chat, and get my picture taken with, Billy, and 2 of the Mountain Biking Legends profiled in the film, but to do some road cycling on the way home afterward.
As I wrote about the film at the time:
Northern California is an interesting place.
The Gold Rush & its aftermath, gave birth to the American obsession with shiny rocks, and California's Prostitution, Real Estate, Journalism, and Entertainment Industries (Samuel Clemens, among others, came there as early as the 1860's), among many others.
Everyone knows what happens in San Francisco, sometimes before it happens, but just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin County (Now home of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition.), something happened that spent a long time under anyones radar.
A bunch of hippies, and hippie wanna-bes, were happily traipsin' around in the small towns, hills, and mountains, on, and around Mount Tamalpais, on modified pre-WW2 bicycles.
I know, I know...you are scratching your head, and going What the, um, heck? ;-D
This was the 60's & 70's! Why weren't they out there war protesting, and smoking pot with bare-breasted women, like normal hippies?
I don't know about the protesting, but the movie makes abundantly clear that these particular young people did not neglect either pot, or bare-breasted women. ;-D
This is the story of that day, pictures, and all, including my review of the film, and the bike ride afterward:
KLUNKERZ: A Recreational Cyclist, and Commuter, Meets MTB Legends

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