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March 05, 2009

Welcome to Daily Peloton Readers!

I received an unexpected 49th Birthday Present today!

In an update to my report on attending a screening of the Film Klunkerz, in February, I reported on a story on the Daily Peloton International Cycling News Website about how Klunkerz was voted 2008 at the Endurance Sports Awards in San Diego, California.

I wrote to the the folks at Daily Peloton, telling them of my review & bike ride report, and about my blog, joking that I HAVE written about Bicycle Racing at least once in 6 years, sending them a link to a humorous piece I wrote about Lance Armstrong at the Tour De France, in 2003. ;-D

Today, of all days, I get an email, and then a very pleasant surprise, and great honor, when I check their website:

Sorry for the late Answer Kiril,

Busy with the Tour of California and all.
Delightful stuff... and very funny I might add.

I'll add the links to your reports in our next roundup.

Enjoy Amico,

Among the stories covered in the Cycling News Roundup of 5 March 2009

Just for fun - Link of the Day
KLUNKERZ: A Recreational Cyclist, and Commuter, Meets MTB Legends. You might also enjoy Kiril Kundurazieff's (aka  'The Cycling Dude') comments on the return of Lance Armstrong to the tour de France.

The News Round-up, with the above story, and its links to this blog, can be explored here.

I am extremely honored by the compliments of the publisher, and the linking by them to my blog.

I wish to gladly welcome readers of the Daily Peloton to The Cycling Dude.

My humble blog may not be about racing but, as a recreational, and commuter blog I pride myself on the stories I've writen, my cycling poetry, and my extensive collection of varied cycling related links in my sidebar.

Please feel free to comment on any story you find interesting. ;-D


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