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April 20, 2009

Concerns and Solutions Regarding Proposed 3 Feet Law in Colorado

Last week, David Petersen, of Durango, tossed in his 2 cents about Senate Bill 148, in a Letter to the Editor of the Durango Herald:

Senate Bill 148, which would require motorists to keep 3 feet of space between vehicles and bicyclists - is not only an accident waiting to happen, as one opposing legislator has pointed out, but a slew of lawsuits as well. Just try driving Florida Road any nice weekend, and you'll encounter everything from polite defensive bikers strung out in their lane single file, to mobs of dozens huddled together blocking entire lanes and refusing to "line out" even when cars are stacked up behind them with horns tooting.

His solutions, to what he sees as a problem, involves wider bike lanes, making cyclists pay a road tax, setting a maximum legal size for groups of bicyclists traveling together, and "decreeing some county roads simply too narrow, winding, high-speed and dangerous to allow for bicycle traffic at all."

New Bike Law Will Just Cause More Problems

While the wider lanes idea seems a good one, the other ideas are totally unworkable.

The cost alone, in enforcing those notions, would be a problem for state governments, and citizens, especially in these hard economic times.

Setting group size, when there's no guarantee the whole group is even together at any given point on the ride?

A tax?

Does that mean toll booths are every major intersection?

A tax would especially be unfair to the poor...especially those who don't own cars, and rely on their bike as part, or all, of their transportation options.

Telling cyclists they can't travel on certain roads because they are dangerous?

When part of the problem causing the dangers on such roads can be laid at the feet of the motorists cyclists share the road with?

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How about instead of a maximum legal size for groups of cyclists, they simply do what Texas did: make it illegal for cyclists to ride more than two abreast. It's simple and enforceable.

Posted by: monogodo | Apr 20, 2009 7:18:01 AM

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