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April 07, 2009

Here Pedals De Judge! 2

Last month I was invited, by my friend Larry Lagarde, of Ride This Bike, to be among those judging the worthiness of entrants in a contest, the prize for winning which would be a brand new Folding Bike.

Voting in Round 1 begins today, and ends on the 13th, then Round 2 goes from the 14th to the 21st, with a winner announced on the 22nd, Earth Day.

Pondering my choices has only been part of the reason I've not blogged in a week. ;-D

It's time to introduce you to the contestants, and their explainations for why each feels they deserve to get a free bike. ;-D

I include my thoughts on those entrants I am considering voting for.

D. Saluto from Louisiana.

S. Moretto from Redford, MI.

J. Burnette from Mercersburg PA. - I wouldn't mind if he wins if for no other reason than to see the shitstorm of a controversy over what he wants to do play out in the Mainstream Media, not because I agree with him about Cuba. ;-D

E. Strickland of So Ro, VT.

K. Oakley of San Jose, CA. - A young, idealistic, teacher, who not only wants the exercise, but believes in setting an example for the young skulls full of mush in her classroom. ;-D

P. Davis of Arlington, MA. 

N. Nelson of Mercersberg, PA. - A College Student, with limited storage space, looking for an appropriate bike. ;-D

K. Dossman of Tyler, TX.

S. Jones of Champaign, IL. - A Teacher goes to bat for a student she really cares about, and thinks the world of. ;-D

M. Ferber of Burlington, VT. 

S. Faulkner of Davenport, FL.

A. Brewer of Wellston, OH.

So there ya have it, a Desperate Dozen!

Larry has some thoughts on the contest, as it relates to the state of the economy in our nation:

Given the daily barrage of negative economic news on television, radio and in print, if participation in this contest is any gauge of the economy, I have to wonder whether the media has been hyping the downturn in a disgusting attempt to recapture market share.

Think about it.

Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu and more are making mainstream media irrelevant. Newspapers are closing because their circulations are in free fall.

Read the rest of his musings, here.

Like he says..."Go outside. Soak up that wonderful Spring air and go for a bike ride! You owe it to you!" ;-D

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