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July 04, 2009

I Get Comments: One Persons Misguided Rage Against All Cyclists

It has been a frustrating week for me.

After returning from the Southern Ca. Genealogy Jamboree, in Burbank, I had planned to Blog the heck about it on my other blog, then spend this weekend doing some cycling.

Didn't work out that way.

Computer issues have kept me home pecking slowly away at my Genealogy blogging while waiting for a back-up hard drive, and still to come help from tech support to fix my issues.

In the mean time, I get comments. ;-D

This one in response to a post I did, in January of 2008, Fullerton Man in Trouble for Making Bike Trail Holes

If I was a crabby old man I probably would of done the same thing.

You cyclists, or whatever, need to be more Fucking considerate.

My 8yr old brother and I were run down by two cyclists that were racing.

He broke his leg, and had a severe concussion, and I had to get 30 stitches.

Damn bikers, get a real hobby.

Signed: Victim

Yet again we have someone misguidedly blaming every cyclist for the stupidity of a few.

I am sorry for the injuries suffered, but taking out your anger, whether in words, or, more dangerously, with deeds, does not solve the problem for anyone.

Education, of all users of Multi-Use Trails, is the best way to handle things, that, and fines, or jail time, for those caught doing something unlawful.

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you bring up a very good point about the multi-use of trails and roadways.

As always, on both sides, it is the very few inconsiderate ones which alienate the other side.

Traditionally the extremes are used by both sides to advance the agenda.

The unfortunate truth is that there is about 1/3 of the population who strongly feels that no cyclist should ever be allowed in the vicinity of a pedestrian and then there is the 1/3 which believes that no cyclist should ever be allowed near a car.

But, no, don't get any ideas of hitting the trails yet, because there is another 1/3 which claims that territory for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Yes, I am over simplifying - but I am hitting close to home.

We wish there would be a more cycling friendly environment, but frankly, it is not in the culture nor in the infrastructure of American lives or cities.

Cyclists, are an after thought, not by design, but by culture.

I agree with you education is the thing - but, it will be a very steep uphill battle in a culture which fancies everything but self propelled transportation.

Posted by: Gerhard | Jul 4, 2009 10:02:38 PM

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