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July 12, 2009

Making Law to Encourage What SHOULD be Obvious to All

Are you a Cyclist who Texts while pedaling?

Better not try it in Missoula, Montana, because, beginning a week ago,  if you are caught it will cost you. ;-D

The Missoula City Council's ordinance banning text messaging while driving and bicycling went into effect Wednesday...

That includes sending e-mails, too, so there!

The new law makes texting behind the wheel a primary offense, so police have the authority to pull over a driver they believe is punching out a message.

The fine for a first-time offender is a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $500. The ticket may not be suspended or waived. The minimum fine for a second offense within a year is $150.

The fine for a driver who causes a crash as the result of text messaging is a minimum $350.

Wonder how soon this law will be challenged in court? ;-D

How many other cities have similar laws, or are contemplating them?

It's sad that yet another law has to be passed to encourage people not to do something that can take their attention away from where it should be: Handling their car, or bike, safely, and keeping their eyes on the road, and their surroundings.

Missoula: Texting ban now in effect By CHELSI MOY of the Missoulian

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What a ridiculous distinction to make between texting and talking on a phone while driving! It's all distraction from the task of controlling a vehicle.

This is nothing new in the State of Victoria in Australia, where such laws have been in place for years. And this year the penalty for using a phone while driving was increased to AU$1134 (that's almost US$900)--for the first and every subsequent offense. I guess that tends to increase the cost of a text message a bit...

Posted by: Treadly and Me | Jul 12, 2009 9:34:00 PM

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