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July 16, 2009

Owning More than 1 Bike Cheaper than Yachting or Cocaine? Well, I'll be!

The Ethical Living Blog Discusses those folks who own more than 1 bike, and we are talking at least 1 for each season. ;-D

Peter Walker writes:

To my slight shame, I now own four bikes, something that mystifies not only non-cycling friends but those, my girlfriend among them, who happily make do with a single bike. To me, it makes perfect sense: I have a mountain bike, a road bike, and an older, slightly scruffier bike I use for commuting and leaving locked up around London. The fourth, a single-speed machine fashioned from an old road frame, is perhaps an indulgence, but it is at least on long-term loan to a friend.

Read Confessions of a Serial Bicycle Buyer. ;-D

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When you re-discover cycling in adulthood, it's seems a natural progression: hybrid, mountain bike, steel road/commuter bike, carbon fiber road bike. I love them all for what they offer.

Posted by: jeff | Jul 17, 2009 6:45:17 AM

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